Electrical health and safety is part of an overall awareness at your business. Just like anything else that is potentially dangerous, you need to pay attention to minimize risk and avoid tragedy. So, here are some tips to keep your business from becoming the victim of electrical hazards.

Keep People Away from Danger

Whether you operate a small commercial business or a sprawling industrial site, there are dangerous things everywhere. Often, this includes electricity. Because there could be large volumes of energy coming into your business, you need to keep employees and customers away from outlets such as electrical substations. These can often have thousands of volts of electricity running through them. So section them off and allow access only to maintenance.

Schedule Regular PAT Maintenance

Portable Appliance Testing, or PAT, is a part of health and safety at work that should be done. PAT testing should be done on anything that customers or employees use that needs electricity. This includes company smartphones and tablets, specialized equipment like power tools, and even the microwave in the staff kitchen. The PAT test takes only one minute. But it can help you figure out if an electrical item is broken and also how safe it is to use moving forward.

Electrical Health and Safety Includes Awareness

Some people don’t know how dangerous electricity can be. Casual carelessness can lead to terrible accidents. But you can lessen the damage by making sure your staff knows how dangerous it is to use electrical items without being careful. For instance, drinking around computers or other machines. You should also teach your employees what to do in case of an electrical fire. For example, you can’t use a regular water extinguisher and instead use powder.

Know How to Cut the Power

When something goes wrong, and the electricity stops working, you need to know what to do. And turning off the power can often help when something goes wrong with machinery or in an emergency. For example, a wire that is left out in the open could touch a wet floor. So, if you know where the power circuits are, you can stop something bad from happening. It helps if your workers know where each circuit breaker is on the shop floor and how to switch off power.

Fix Any Issues Immediately

Appliances that use electricity break down all the time. But you can almost always know when a failure is coming. There are signs that your electricity is going bad, just like there are for most things. Some of the most common signs are lights that flicker, strange burning smells, and blowouts. With any of these, you should call an electrician right away. These small signs are a sign of failure. Dealing with them early, you can keep small problems from becoming big ones.


Electrical health and safety are important. You can keep people away from dangerous electrical areas, train employees about safe electrical use, and don’t delay in getting things fixed. If you ignore some of the warning signs and neglect training, it could end with something bad.