Running a business is no easy thing to do. Not only do you have the needs of the business itself but you also have other things to concern yourself with. For example, the staff, marketing, and business location. A business location often is not just where your office is. It can be the place you dispatch products, or store items so that you can provide the services you sell. Not to mention the items you need for your business to run like computers and office items. With that in mind, it may be the right time to start thinking about the security of your business, both physically and digitally. Here are a few suggestions to consider.

Alarm systems

Any location, be it residential or commercial, should have an alarm system in place. This is one of the easiest ways you can protect your assets. Many businesses have this kind of system in place where a key fob is used to arm and disarm the system. Mostly this will only be certain people who have access to the alarm system to ensure that it stays secure. However, if you have one already in place, think of the last time it was updated?

Security cameras

Additionally to an alarm system you may also want to consider security cameras. These can be placed strategically where you may be storing stock or items that are likely to be at risk. Cameras are a great investment, especially if you have been caught out in the past. It enables police to be assisted with their enquiries should anything be caught on camera.

Protecting critical digital assets

Separate from a protection of your online systems, there may be critical data that your business has stored digitally., that you may need to keep protected, especially if there is a potential breach from hackers. It could be financial records, customer information, plans for the future, anything. You may want to consider micro-segmentation for this critical date to ensure that it is further protected.

Don’t forget a digital firewall

It is important to not leave everything else open though, by just focusing on those critical files. A decent firewall in place can give your digital systems and software a bit of extra protection. It may be that you need to think about getting this refreshed, if that to has been looked at or changed for some time. Hackers and digital opportunists are developing all the time, as systems change, so do their skills.

Key holders

Finally, try and ensure that only a few select people have access to main doors, locks and hold keys. These people are often the ones that would be called should there be any issues and tend to be people you trust. The fewer people who have access to your business location, the more secure it will be.

Let’s hope this has you thinking about your business security this year.



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