The COVID-10 pandemic has caused havoc on the entire globe. Not only are people falling sick from the virus, but impact on businesses, families, and individuals has been unprecedented.

Throughout the previous year, people have adapted to what has now become ‘the new normal’. This has meant many things have changed and developed as a result of local lockdowns.

Here are some of the things that have changed as a result of the pandemic and those that are likely to continue for many years to come. 

How we Shop 

Online shopping has made life easier for those who are isolating. From groceries and wine to clothes and crafting tools, with the click of a button, things can arrive at our doors within a matter of hours. 

None of this is new, however. People have been shopping using catalogues since the late 1800s. However, it has increased in ease and popularity over time. This trend is not something that is likely to come to an end any time soon. 

When we do go into stores, we have to wear masks and remain 6 feet apart from others. Some stores also have a limit in the number of people allowed in at any one time to allow for adequate spacing.  

How we work 

Working from home used to be a luxury, but it has now become a necessity. This has meant that the lines between work and home have blurred, and some people have found that to be incredibly challenging to handle.

When the pandemic was in its early days, many of us were told we would have to work from home for a couple of weeks until the worst of it is over, but now, some ten months later, we have adapted to it as a new normal. We’ve had to work on our daily routines to ensure we are at our most productive. Meetings are done via video calls and ‘you’re on mute’ has become a daily phrase that we all use.

How we do taxes 

One thing that can be quite confusing for some is how taxes will change as a result of the pandemic.

Some people have a reduced income as a result of job losses, reduced hours, and even some changes in law- that will vary from state to state. As if doing taxes wasn’t complicated enough!  Thankfully, companies such as Tri-Merit are on board to help to advise us about the changes in tax legislation, particularly useful if you are self-employed or run your own business. 

How we get to a doctor 

When there’s a global pandemic, your doctor’s office is likely to be filled with people, scared to have caught the virus, right? Wrong. Several doctors surgeries are now offering online consultations when we have health concerns. 

Some will even do video calls to ascertain any medical problems. 

Technology has proven to be an essential diagnostic tool, from minor injuries to more serious illnesses. This is highly likely to be the case for months, or even years to come.