I’m sure you know when you are designing anything, the font you choose is really, really important.

There are fonts that are ridiculous (looking in your direction Papyrus and Comic Sans) and there are fonts that are overused (Times New Roman…Lobster…). There are fonts that are beautiful and fonts that are ugly. Fonts that look dated. You get what I’m saying.

Fonts convey attitude. They give subtle hints about the content they represent. They should fit your and your personality.

For website purposes, it’s good to stick to the rule of two (three max). Too many fonts make your website look disjointed and confusing. You should pick one font for headlines. One for text. And if you must, one for accents.

And for goodness sake, make sure they are readable.

I’ve noticed many, many blogs lately that are using a super thin font that is wildly attractive in the right settings, but with the color they are using, it’s barely readable.

Note: I will not give myself a headache trying to read anyone’s blog. No matter how much I like what they’ve got to say.

If you aren’t sure what fonts are right for you – or which ones match, your designer can help you pick a few out. You could even try doing a Squarespace vs Wix comparison to see what there is. Squarespace currently offers over 600 Google and 1000 Typekit fonts whereas Wix only has around 100 typefaces but makes it easier to install custom fonts on your website.

Try to stick to google fonts – because they are web-safe (meaning they work on any platform), and there are a half a million choices (slight exaggeration).

And if you are still struggling with which ones to pick – try FontPair.

Do you have a font that you just love? One you abhor? Leave a comment and tell me about it.

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