In the internet marketing world, leads are gold. We all offer free gifts, beg, plead and bend over backwards to get them.

But what if there was a super fun way to not only collect leads, but also divy them up into appropriate categories so you can target them appropriately later?

Good news…there is!

There’s this super cool tool called Interact, and I recently got a chance to try it out.

So, the way it works is that you hook it up to your email marketing platform (it pretty much works with ALL of them); you use their amazing catalog of templates to start (or make one from scratch) and voila – a super fun, personalized quiz to gather leads.

Okay, that was an oversimplification…but, it’s really pretty much that easy.

The design is customizable. You can direct your quiz-takers through different questions based on their responses.

An opt-in form at the end allows you to collect those coveted leads, but is also able to be skipped (which really helps to build trust for those who are slow to give it).

There are built in analytics, so you can see exactly where people are dropping off, and/or how many leads you got.

It’s naturally responsive AND is pretty too.

(This is a screenshot from their homepage, so I don’t leave off any details)

Basically, I’m super impressed so far.

I made my quiz active about 2 weeks ago, and I’ve had amazing results. The best thing is that based on the way they responded, I am able to divide them up into lists that allow me to be send them more targeted messages.

[interact id=”5aa867ea46e03d0014882763″ type=”quiz”]

You can check Interact out for yourself here.