I’ll admit it – that title was just a ploy to get you to click on this blog.

Because if I knew how to always get what I want, I sure wouldn’t be telling you…I’d be globe-trotting around the world with my ten favorite people.

But I can help you get what you want more often.

The number one way? Stop being a selfish jerk.

Seriously – that’s it.

I know, sometimes you don’t think you’re being a selfish jerk…you just want your way. I get it. I really do. I mean, come on – if everyone just did what I said all the time, I’d be so much happier.

Which is the opinion of, oh probably 100% of the population…which makes you just another guy out there in the world wanting things your way.

But that’s the key, really, to getting what you want…

Give in more often.

When you give in on little things that don’t matter – you are more likely to get what you want on the big things.

If you are always bulldozing your way through life, demanding your way at every turn, eventually people are going to get fed up with you – and they’ll start resisting just to resist.

(I’m speaking from experience here).

I go over all this in my cute little (seriously, it’s tiny…only 45 pages) book all about how to get what you want 75% of the time (this goes back to the don’t be a selfish jerk thing).

For the rest of this month you can get it for the super low sum of $5. (The ebook is only $.99, but it’s not nearly as cute).

Head on over – get a copy and maybe buy one to give to someone you know who needs a little bit of help with this stuff.

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