Every business has to have good client service to remain friendly to the industry it works in. it’s just a fact of the matter that if you don’t take care of wealthy clients that have been investing in you, then they won’t take care of you. Now, they aren’t asking you to give them any favors, but they do expect to have a good time. Your business journey is their investment journey. So you have to kind of show them that all is well, they are getting back the returns they hoped for and more. But since we are all opening up and getting through the tough times that the pandemic put us in, it’s only right that you get the team back together. 

Setting up the meeting

It’s a time to celebrate and reaffirm relationships with clients. But this takes skill and a touch of genius. A corporate yacht charter trip would be an excellent place to meet all the gang don’t you think? You get to chart around the coast of some of the most amazing beaches and reefs, all while sleeping, eating and partying on your own yacht. It’s exclusive, glamorous and a great big thank you to all your clients that stuck by you. So, one by one, go through your client list and contact each one. Ask them if they’d be willing to go on a private yacht to catch-up, drink, eat, sunbathe, swim and fish? We guess, they will jump at the chance to get some sunshine and let their hair down with you in this way.

The goals

If you want to party hard, you have to first play hard. So leave all of the fun stuff for after. On day one, you will need to reaffirm your strategy with your clients. Here are some things to run over.

  • Are you meeting your sales objectives? 
  • Do you expect to increase sales in the markets you were targeting?
  • Do you believe that new markets are viable to be chosen right now?
  • Where are you for risk management? 
  • What reports have been done about your risk level and resilience to future shocks?
  • How soon do you think you’ll get to where you were before?

One on one time

So as you’re on this yacht you’re going to want to chat with your clients, one to one. It’s amazing how much more friendly and understanding clients can be when they’re not wearing a suit, sitting in a tense boardroom, but are instead, hanging their feet over the side of a yacht, sipping on a cold drink. So now is the time to hit them with the hard news if you have any. Tell them that sales might need more time to pick up and more funding might be needed to make this happen. Also, hit them with the good news. If you’re doing well, let them know how you did it. They’ll want to know how hard you have worked to keep going. It reaffirms their trust.

Some say that client meetings have to be intense affairs. But, everyone is in the same boat. It’s challenging but the moment you let them know what the status of your business is, everyone will understand what needs to be done. Teamwork will automatically flourish.