If there is one thing I believe with every fiber in my being, it’s that each and every one of us is on this earth for a reason.

The point of life is figuring out what that purpose is. And obviously we each have more than one – since I am sure that part of the reason I am here was to have my three amazing kids…but I know that there is something else too.

And I am also absolutely sure that whatever my purpose, and your purpose is, it’s not ever going to be a thing that is easy.

It’s always going to be a thing that is a struggle. Because it’s in the struggle that you grow. You learn. You change. You become who you are supposed to be.

And it’s always going to be frightfully scary.

RWE had it right when he said, “God will not have his work made manifest by cowards.”

You have to step out in faith. And lean into the scariness to get to the place that is worth it.

Anything that is worth having is worth working for – including your purpose. It is solely yours – and you are uniquely purposed to do it. If you don’t do it, or you never find it, you are not only letting yourself down and literally wasting the life God gave you, but you are letting the rest of us down too.

We need what you have to offer, just as much as you needed what Edison had. And George Washington had. They were famous for their purpose – and maybe you won’t be, but you are necessary and important nonetheless.

I know for sure that web design is not my purpose. I love it. It’s fun. And I like making the internet prettier. And I adore creating a little place on the web for my clients’ personalities to live – but I am beyond confident that it goes further than that.

So, as scary as it is…And as ridiculous as it sounds to the nagging voice in my head that tells me that I have zero qualifications, and that no one is going to pay any attention to me – I’m going after it.

Starting now.