Working as an employee comes with plenty of perks. Along with a set wage and tons of workers rights, you have a safe and secure place to work from each day. When you run a business it’s different. It’s down to you to earn enough money, your rights are limited (since you’re your own boss) and you have to be responsible for keeping your data and equipment safe. Here are a few things to consider when you work from home.

Destruction of data and equipment

Damage to your office in the form of fire or theft could result in a destruction of data, if you’re still using older storage methods. For this reason, it’s worth moving your business online- cloud based servers can not only store information but allow you to run your entire business using online software. Automated workflow auditing can save you time as well as hassle when you’re working online. To protect your equipment from these kinds of disasters, ensure that smoke alarms are installed and regularly tested, and that electrics and plumbing are checked by a professional every year as a preventative measure. Modern workplaces are of course kitted out with great safety features, but since your work is your home, it’s up to you to keep it safe.

Physical theft

As your business is also your home, it’s going to always be in your best interests to keep it secure. As well as protecting your pets, possessions and loved ones, you’ll want to keep your business safe from criminals too. Invest in a professionally fitted burglar alarm and a good CCTV system. Thanks to smart home systems, you can program lights and sockets to go on and off at certain times or control them manually from your phone from anywhere in the world. This can give the impression that someone is home, even when they’re not. This is a useful trick for keeping burglars at bay. If you keep any valuables or cash in your home relating to your business then purchase a safe. Hide this away where it can’t be seen, and then bolt it to the ground or a wall. This will prevent burglars from simply walking off with it.

Online attacks

Moving your data and business online is generally a much safer way to go, however you still have to be careful. Online attacks can lead to rinsed bank accounts, stolen data and more, so always have the best security software installed. Be cautious, use strong passwords and don’t share them. It sounds obvious, but many criminals gain access to small businesses just because they use obvious passwords or they find out from untrusted people that are linked to it. Getting your business online is safer for many reasons, but you still have to take precautions.

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