Many online businesses struggle with how to make their customer experience personal. When you can’t see and speak to your customers in person, it might seem like you have fewer opportunities to interact with them on a personal level. However, the convenience of buying online doesn’t have to remove the personal aspect of purchasing something from a brick-and-mortar store. You can still create a customer experience that treats your customers as individuals and provides them with the help and support that they need. If you want to create a more personal experience, you need to ensure customers can see that you care.

Personalize for Different Audiences

In some ways, selling online allows you to personalize your customer experience in even more ways. With the ability to collect different types of data, you can personalize various things to each audience segment or even individual customers. You can tailor your messaging based on different things, such as where people are in the purchasing cycle or the products they have been looking at. You can personalize your messaging when you’re sending marketing emails or serving ads to different parts of your audience. Use different content and marketing channels to achieve this.

Provide Real-Time Assistance

You might not be on the shop floor with your customers, but that doesn’t have to stop you providing assistance to them in real-time. You can offer live chat and chatbots, customer service by email or phone, or even video calls to provide your customers with help when they need it. Tech like chatbots can help your customers to feel like they’re getting personalized help without having to have customer service reps available at all times. But you can combine bots with people to ensure you’re still providing a human service, even if you’re getting a helping hand from technology.

Use Branded Packaging

Receiving a package can be exciting for your customer, but you can make it even more interesting by thinking carefully about how your products are presented. Using branded packaging will make your orders immediately recognizable. It’s all part of the customer experience and makes opening up orders from your company more interesting. You can have custom packaging printed from and similar websites. Think about the size and shape of your packaging, the design, and even what materials you use. These will all help you to choose the right packaging for dispatching your products.

Offer Responsive Aftercare

After your customers have received their orders, it’s still important to take care of them. Continuing to provide them with a good service is another way to create a personal customer experience. That could mean being there to answer questions, deal with returns, refunds, and replacements, or perhaps provide an aftercare service that offers repairs, troubleshooting, or maintenance. You can keep them around as a customer by ensuring you still provide them with good service after they have their products.

Your business can still provide a memorable customer experience if it’s online. You just need to know how to make things personal in different ways.