If you want to try and support the wellbeing of your team, then you have come to the right place. This guide will help you to make sure that your employees feel at ease when at work while also encouraging them to look after themselves more. Find out more below.

End the Stigma

The first thing that you need to do is try and end the stigma regarding mental health. There are many organizations out there that actually specialize in mental health training, and if you can pledge your commitment to them, then you will be able to create the safe and stigma-free environment that your employees truly need from you. If your employees can see that you understand their mental health concerns and wellbeing and that their health is your priority, this will help them to thrive in their working environment. Ultimately, by taking things seriously, you can completely change the way that your team see you. Try and encourage people to speak up, and note that it takes a lot of guts to speak about mental health in the workplace.

Understand People

Great business often starts on the inside. Your team are fundamental to your overall wellbeing and growth. That being said, can you safely say that you recognize the signs of depression? If you can understand your people and your team, then you can start to become more alert, and you can also see shifts in either mood or behavior. If you can invest in some HR software, then this will help you to see any patterns in absence. You can also view any one-to-one notes you have made so that you can see an accurate source of information. This will support any observations you have made, and it will also give you the chance to bring it up with your team with proof of your concern.

Traffic Light System

Never underestimate the power that comes with an impromptu check-in. If you have team members who are struggling right now, or if you know that they have a diagnosed condition then you need to try and implement a risk assessment system. This will help you to see any potential stressors more clearly, and it will also help you to see healthy behaviors as well which can give you a better picture overall. The traffic light system is an easy tool, but you should never let it get to red. One thing that you can say to your team would be for you to tell them:

“I will not ask to speak to you about this issue again if you feel uncomfortable, but know that I’m always here. You should however speak to me if you struggle, and that you never let things get to red.”

If you think of mental health as being a set of traffic lights, you will have not-so-bad days that are green, there will be difficult days on amber but red days mark being overwhelmed or destructive. If you encourage your team to speak to you on amber, you can help them from there.

Mental Health Toolkits

You should try and do everything you can to stop any unnecessary stress by trying to help your team before any issues arise. You should try and create a mental health toolkit that comes with a lot of different literature. This will help your team to find the right coping mechanisms for them. It is also wise for you to try and have an anonymous survey that can help you to judge the current benchmarks that your team are experiencing right now. If you want to help your team then it is important that you give them somewhere to unwind. You could have a breakroom that is free from anything to do with their job, and also provide some recreational entertainment. If you want to do this, then you might want to look into things such as LoopTV. When you do, you will soon find that it is easier than ever for you to give them somewhere to wind down.

Be the Leader you Have to Be

You may have had a favorite teacher when you were at school or you might have had a key figure who helped you and who developed you unlike anything else. Be the leader you needed when you first began work. You also need to take a moment to think about what this might look like too.

Of course, making a change is not easy, but you should be trying to prioritize your employee’s mental health as much as their physical health. Only then can you be sure that you are truly taking care of them.