No entrepreneur wants to see their business go under. That’s precisely why business survival is at the heart of every business strategy. In many ways, business survival provides your venture with the key to growth. To survive, a business needs to grow its position in the market. I other words, it needs to be able to create more demands by developing strong, resilient products and choosing the right team. 

Only the strongest and most interest-generating businesses can survive. Once you’ve ticked strong off the list through strategic choices and activities, the next thing you need to focus on is Interest. Being noteworthy is essential to your survival. 

Stylish exterior

Do you know why places such as The Shard in London or the Chrysler Building in NYC are iconic in the public eye? It’s because they are immediately recognizable. Both buildings host more commercial than residential tenants, yet they have achieved legendary and respected status, proving that a stylish exterior can enhance visibility and brand reputation. While nobody expects you to build the new Chrysler Building, you can consider stylish features that will catch the eye, such as sheet metal construction details on the exterior wall or oversized glass panels. Playing with shapes and colors gives your premises a unique feel. Small sites can use extravagant landscaping projects, signage, or even a colorful front to stand out in an urban landscape. 

Be heard and seen as often as possible

Being seen is half the battle. But being seen only applies to your local audience. Being heard, on the other hand, could reach beyond geographic boundaries. Joining a renowned podcast as a guest speaker can help establish your voice as an expert and your business. However, it’s crucial to consider podcast or even vlog carefully. Don’t join blindly without getting familiar with the type of content they provide. Appearing on the wrong podcast (or vlog) could have long-lasting damaging effects on your brand. Expert guests share their knowledge without selling their brand, making listeners curious about the business. 

Be a positive force for your community

We all love a brand that supports the community. However, brands that tend to use community involvement as a marketing technique can infuriate rather than attract. On the other hand, a brand that appears alongside charities without boasting about its efforts is more likely to get noticed. A business that donates to their local homeless shelters, for instance, tends to be mentioned by the press or the relevant organizations as a passing name. This can drive interest and curiosity, making people aware of your presence in a positive way. Of course, they’re bound to want to find out more about you! 

Tease, but not too much

We meet new people all the time. However, those who stay in our memories tend to share a little about themselves while leaving us to want to find out more. Teasing is a fantastic marketing strategy, and it’s hugely effective in the business world when done correctly. We’ve all come across brand banners that leave us with more questions than we had before. A little mystery goes a long way in creating interest. 

Always leave them wanting more, as P.T. Barnum used to say. And it’s the same mindset your business needs to create interest and curiosity around the brand. Whether your building makes people take a double-take or your brand marketing is a stubble teaser, curiosity is a weapon for business growth.