It’s a valid question. It really is. A terrible website is a detriment to your business. It undermines your credibility.

But to tell someone that…not easy.

Most people don’t take it very well. Why? Because they’ve spent money on it. Because they approved it.

Who wants to admit they had bad taste? Or that they picked the wrong designer because their best friend’s cousin does this on the side.

But this is a big deal. Your website is more than just a place for people to find you on the internet. It’s the online face of you. YOU. Not just your business, it’s a representation of you, and it should have you in every single bit of it.

When I design a website, it’s not just a website. It’s so so so much more.

Each website I do has to be unique. I don’t want anyone to look at one of my websites and say, “Oh, yeah SHE did that one” – not because I don’t want my work to be recognizable – but because I don’t want a single one to look like another.

Why is that so important to me? Because people are as different as snowflakes. And their websites should be too.

When a person contacts me for a website, an instant red flag is “I want my website to be just like this one” – whatever this one might be – the answer is a great big NO.

I will not copy other websites. I will not work with anyone who thinks that copying someone else’s website is a surefire way to skyrocket their own business.

When a person arrives at your website, however they got there, the first thing they think should be AH. This is my kind of person.  That’s what I want for you.

Maybe my style doesn’t resonate with you – and that’s totally fine. There are so many amazing designers out there. I know that I am not for everyone, nor is everyone for me – but please, make sure your website really represents you and what you are trying to achieve with it.

The main point here is, if you ask me what I think of your website, I’ll tell you – even if you don’t like what I have to say. I am so passionate about making the internet not only more beautiful, but more authentic. The best way to make money on the internet is by delivering the stuff God created you to make – and by having a website that speaks to the people you are meant to speak to.