good-designSo, I didn’t exactly go to school to be a web designer. I have an English degree. There isn’t a whole lot you can do with an English degree. Most people say, “Oh, well at least you have A degree” when I tell them that.

I’m totally self-taught in design, html, php and css (those are computer languages for making the site look and operate properly). Which makes sense, because I’m really really good with languages.

Not to brag, but I taught myself to read at 4 after having my mom read me the same book 5,000 times. I took the words I knew from that book and found them in other books. Pieced the rest together as I went. (I also took 3 languages in high school/college – 1 yr of Espanol, 1 yr of Francais, and 5 yrs of German. It’s one of the things I’m really good at.)

That’s exactly how I taught myself to work with websites.

Since I’m not exactly traditionally taught in both the mechanics and the design portion of creating a website, I don’t exactly do things the way a lot of people do.

For me, the process starts with a conversation. I want need to actually speak to the potential client before I work with them. Emails won’t cut it.

During this conversation, I start to see things (pictures, ideas) in my head as we chat. Or I don’t. That’s how I know if I should design that person’s website.

It’s a super intuitive process. And I am absolutely the kind of person that trusts my gut with this kind of thing. If I don’t see pictures, I suggest other people who are good, and might be a better fit.

The next steps involve a half payment for the project, and then I start working on the draft. I wait to receive any items I’ve requested (images, graphics, etc) and I start crafting a website. Within 10 days, the first draft is ready and I send it off as a link to the client.

Feedback is both expected and welcome, and if the first draft doesn’t fit (which is rare), we start over again. Seriously, the pictures in my head are usually spot on.

If it is necessary, I will do three completely from scratch redesigns of the website, but really, that’s only happened once. And it was because I didn’t really go with my gut. I really really liked the gal, and wanted to make it fit, even though it wasn’t right.

The client and I go back and forth until the website is perfection, and they love it more than anything (God, kids and spouses are allowed to be loved more, but that’s all I’ll accept).

And that’s pretty much it. I make the site live on their server, and I make videos to help them maintain the website on their own, or their assistant can take care of it. (I love to design websites, but I don’t love to maintain them – and that’s exactly why I use WordPress to build all of my websites.)

I’m always available to fix anything that is broken, help with updates and answer questions.

If you’d like to check out my packages, you can see them here.

And, to kick off the new year, for the month of January, I’m offering 10% off all my packages.

(Make sure you check out this extremely accurate (and awesome) poster from The Oatmeal.)