A manager’s job can be a challenging one. The people you supervise as well as those under you have high expectations from you. Some people often feel that they are in a tough position and that they want to give up once they get started, and many also feel that they lack self-confidence. 

Here are some tricks to building self-confidence as an employee.

In my opinion, confidence is one of those qualities in a person which attracts people to them like a bee attracts pollen. In terms of management, there are some managers who seem to drip with confidence and are loved by their employees, however, there are other managers who constantly come across as irritating know-it-alls whenever they interact with their team. Are there any steps you can take as a manager to increase your level of confidence?

Don’t Put Unrealistic Expectations On Yourself

Make sure that you show yourself kindness every day. Does what you expect of yourself come across as unreasonable to you? If you are like most people, you probably do so. You should, after all, do your best to achieve the best results. At the same time, it is important not to put yourself in a position of failure by working too hard. It is perfectly fine to have high standards and to challenge yourself, but at the same time, you shouldn’t lose sight of reality.

You should change your expectations as soon as you can, change the deadlines for your accomplishments, ask for help, and be open to making mistakes in order to meet them. Making mistakes is okay as long as you are open to learning. Moreover, mistakes are a healthy part of the learning process. I believe there is no way to learn or grow as a person if you never make mistakes.

Remember You Are A Manager: You Earnt It

Are you certain that those who appointed you to your position as a manager had no choice?

They believe you to be the best candidate for the job with the most potential because they had many choices. It is no accident that you are a leader. Believing in yourself and others makes you a winner. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Learn Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Become aware of your own limitations. You will gain confidence when you know your strengths, and you will improve as you determine what you need to work on.

This self-awareness can only be developed by receiving feedback and responding to it. Leadership that asks for feedback is seen as more confident than that which does not. Once you have identified your weaknesses you can start to work on them with tools such as Secure Methodology training and setting yourself SMART goals. 

Act Like A Manager 

Understand that you are not the only one afraid and unsure, let alone a manager. We are all afraid and uncertain.

One of the secrets to success for people who look confident is that they are able to learn the art of “faking it ’til you make it” by appearing confident even if they are feeling terrified inside. No matter if you are feeling butterflies in your stomach or even if you have a feeling of hesitancy, take a deep breath, give yourself confidence, and follow through on your decision.

Look The Part 

It is essential to pay attention to how you look when you first meet someone. First impressions are everything.

It could be a new pair of glasses, a new haircut, a new suit, new shoes, or a new hairstyle, which can make you feel more confident and make you look more confident. You need to hold your posture firm and upright, look into the camera, smile a lot, and squeeze your hands firmly when shaking hands.

Ask For Help When You Need It 

Taking the initiative to seek help is one of the characteristics of confident leaders.

Rather than feeling threatened by other people’s talent, they are able to depend on their own. The leaders who ask for help are seen as more confident than those who do not ask for help and even inspire their followers with greater confidence.

Choose A Role Model 

Consider yourself to be an admirer of a leader and examine their character and the way they accomplish their tasks.

Does this individual possess any of the following qualities? Do you already have any of these qualities, and if not, what are the qualities you need to develop? What are the things you could do to improve yourself in these areas? If you look at the characteristics you already share with the person who is going to give you confidence, you may become more confident.

Build A Support Network 

Make sure you network with other managers. You might consider reaching out to a person who would serve as a powerful source of professional advice.

Could you please let me know how to get in touch with this person? Does someone you know personally have any information which could help me contact him? Before deciding to meet with this person, do some research on him before the meeting. Try to figure out how you can help them accomplish their goals. The support and help you receive from a network of peers can be a very valuable tool when it comes to dealing with real-life challenges. By doing that, you will be able to feel comforted in the knowledge that you are not alone in feeling that way.

Take A Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Try something that is outside of the scope of what you have already done. A simple way to make a good impression could be to present a compelling idea in a meeting or to approach a prominent person at a business event.

I have to remind you that it’s only natural to feel uncomfortable when we stretch our own boundaries. Growth pains are part of the process.

Celebrate Good Times 

If you sat down and wrote down everything you’ve accomplished in the last seven days, you probably would be quite pleased with yourself. It’s worth a shot.

In business, modesty is out of place. Make yourself feel more confident by taking credit for your achievements. What has changed for you in the last six months? What positive changes have you made in the lives of other people? These are achievements worth celebrating. Celebrate them!

Respect Is Key

The majority of managers mistake abrasiveness for leadership, relying on a command and control management style to answer employee questions.

The problem with this approach, however, is that it does not instill respect, but instead encourages employees to only do what they are asked. Confident managers explain situations, rather than assuming they are in charge because they are the boss. Instead of micromanaging their employees, they trust them to complete their tasks.

Create Opportunities To Improve 

Assuming responsibility and accomplishing tasks is possible with confident management.

The leadership steps in and provides guidance when things go wrong or in the wrong direction, focusing on results and setting clear goals for the employees. They let everyone know when they reach milestones or do something awesome. You can become more confident by looking for and recognizing others’ victories.


It is true that confidence is primarily a positive state of mind, so any manager can increase their confidence with the right approach.

It is inevitable that you will have times when you’re confident and other times when you’ll feel low. Be sure to tap into what caused you to be successful in the past when you are in the midst of a dip.