The impact of human behavior on the planet is a subject that’s now firmly rooted in the public consciousness. Regular coverage of the effects of climate change on the environment now features heavily on social media and in the mainstream press. The population has been shocked by the damage caused by carbon emissions and plastic pollution. This has resulted in people increasingly taking a stand to reduce their usage of single-use plastic and cut carbon emissions. The business world is slowly beginning to respond to this change in public feeling, and increasingly, businesses are working to meet the public’s demand for environmentally-friendly products.

If you are hoping to show a commitment to sustainability and to present your business as an ethical company, this could form a significant part of your branding. Of course, using your ethics as a marketing tool may not be your primary intention. However, there is no doubt that strong ethics can help to attract an increase in customers. People want to be able to trust the companies they buy from, and having a clear environmental and ethical policy set out can help you to gain that trust. 

Here are some of the ways that you can help to make your business more environmentally friendly:

Promote What You Practice

To maintain your reputation as an environmentally-friendly, ethical business, you must ensure that you can back this up. Claiming to be an ethical and eco-friendly company, only for customers to later find out that this is not the case can be incredibly damaging to your reputation.

Producing a page for your website which sets out your eco-friendly credentials in an open and honest way will enable customers to see you have nothing to hide.

Often businesses which have a focus on being environmentally friendly make this a central part of their branding. This focus can be reflected in everything from your logo design, through to the décor of your office or shop. Creating a cohesive brand will help to strengthen it and boost brand identity and recognition.

Mindful Merchandise

Running an eco-friendly business means searching for alternatives to many mainstream items. One of the changes you will need to think about is your business’ promotional items. Many promotional items used by companies feature their logos emblazoned onto a plastic item, such as a pen. As an eco-friendly company, this is not the sort of product that will work well as part of your branding, so an alternative needs to be found. A company such as can help to provide the promotional items your business needs. Sustainably produced items that have a purpose are the perfect complement to your branding and make a useful yet environmentally promotional gift.

Engage Your Employees

To fully embrace your eco credentials, it is vital that your employees have a clear understanding of your environmental policies. Helping your staff to incorporate more of your eco values into the day to day running of your business will give your brand a further boost.