The more your small business makes, the more you can expand and increase the amount you make. When it comes to money matters in business, every aspect needs revision at least twice a year, if quarterly. There are many ways to boost your revenue, from making savings to altering your pricing to selling more items. The very act of monitoring and making changes to the small things that affect your revenue means that you are keeping on top of your business and staying well aware of the bottom line. 

Your Brand

If you want more customers and you haven’t created a memorable brand, then it is time you started. Customers these days want to invest in companies that they feel some kind of connection with. To do this, you start by creating a complete brand with ideology, core values, ethics, and something to believe in. A brand narrative is essential. This can start with the reason your business came into being. If you have a great start-up story like you were traveling in the Amazon and were impressed by native jewelry and you wanted to merge this with western tastes or something to that effect. You can create a company vision for the future that mirrors your target customer’s sensibilities. You want your brand to create an emotional response that strengthens customer loyalty. Your brand can then be used in all your marketing material, from adverts to social media posts.


Are all your processes as efficient as they could be? Have you got a lot of manual tasks that could be better off automated? Everyday tasks that take up a lot of time and effort could just be money down the drain. Staff are being wasted on monotonous tasks where they would be far better used on more complicated things. Conduct a tasks audit, talk to your employees, ensure you know exactly what gets done, and work out what can be automated. When you begin your investigation, you may be surprised to learn how many tasks can be automated. Not only will this ultimately save time, but it will help your business run more efficiently and free up staff members for more valuable work, which has the added bonus of making them feel more valued too.

Sell Items

Suppose you run a manufacturing facility and have a lot of cardboard boxes or other leftover packaging instead of throwing it away. Have you investigated if these can be sold? A lot of things can be sold on if you research it. Have a look at what goes in your bins with a view to working out how much you could sell them for instead. If you work in a garage, take a look at this used rims grading chart and resell any rims you have at the site. Is there anything else you can sell too? Can you free up space on your work environment? The more you can sell the better. It has the double benefit of being more environmentally friendly and being better for your pocket.