You’re probably reading this because you either want to work for yourself or you already do, and you’re going to buy a house soon. As you know, it can be easier and more cost-effective to run a business from home. However, it can also prove challenging as well.

For example, if you move to the wrong house, your business could cause severe disruption to your family and even your neighbors. With that in mind, consider the following suggestions to help you choose the right property for a home-based business:

House Size

First of all, you need to get a house that’s as big as possible for your budget. Whether you’re selling goods or services from your home, you’ll need all the available space you can get. What’s more, your business operations won’t physically encroach on your living spaces.

Look for houses with large rooms to make running a home business easier without taking up lots of available space. Remember: the smaller the house, the less space your family members will have to enjoy.


Another thing you should do is look for houses that have garages. Why is that important, you ask yourself? The answer is simple: if you sell physical goods, you can use your garage to store your inventory without taking up space elsewhere in your home.

Your garage can also be useful as a workshop space if you make things for your customers and subsequently need somewhere to store them until they get despatched. If possible, look for homes that have a double garage for extra storage space.


When you look at different houses for sale, one factor to consider is the neighborhood. If you take a look at this, for example, you’ll see that it’s quite an affluent area near to various local amenities.

The reason a neighborhood is so important is that your local community can often be a source of income for your home-based business, especially if there’s a high local demand for the things that you sell.


What happens if you have a business where you’re likely to have clients visiting your home, either for meetings or to pick up the items they’ve bought from you? The chances are high that those individuals will be traveling to your home in their cars or trucks.

When they visit your home, they will need somewhere to park their vehicles. If you get a steady stream of visitors to your home each day, your neighbors might get annoyed with the volume of people parking in your street and potentially causing issues for them.

With that in mind, you should look at houses with plenty of space available for visitors to park on your land and away from public roads.


When you follow the above hints and tips, you’ll find it easier to seek out a new abode that’s also suitable for your home business. You’ll also know the considerations to keep in mind whenever you shortlist properties.