Statistics suggest that Internet usage has reached an all-time high in 2020. With the average adult now spending a quarter of their waking hours online, it’s hugely beneficial for businesses to be able to capitalize on the growing popularity of the web. If you feel like your company should be doing more to enhance its online presence and generate traffic and leads, here are some tips to take on board. 

Targeted SEO campaigns

Google now processes more than 60,000 searches per second. SEO (search engine optimization) is a marketing technique, which is designed to connect web users with your content. Ideally, you want to be at the top of page 1 when somebody conducts a search that is relevant to your business. If you don’t have adverts or links that appear on the first page, you could be missing out on valuable leads. If you’re not an expert in SEO, or you don’t have an in-house marketing team, it’s worth looking into outsourcing SEO using agencies like SEO experts can analyze and evaluate existing strategies, identify weaknesses and implement new, targeted campaigns to improve your search ranking and attract more attention online. In recent years, local SEO has become increasingly influential. Figures show that over 85% of smartphone users visit or contact a store within 24 hours of conducting a local search. 

And if you’re new to the entire world of business, and you want to start making waves amongst your own, SEO can help out there as well. Using a b2b seo agency to help you come up with a keyword bank and a niche to target is a great way to breach the waters, seeing as at least 51% of b2b visitors are gained organically. SEO matters here more than anywhere else! Take your time in building the backlink library, but make sure you get started sooner rather than later.

Social media

Social media started life as a network for connecting with friends and meeting new people, but it has evolved into a platform that enables businesses to market products, reach out to customers and engage with followers. If your company isn’t already using social media to drive sales and promote your brand, it’s an excellent idea to consider setting up some accounts and using sites and apps to make people aware of what you can offer. Before you begin creating and posting content, conduct research to determine which networks and apps to use. Look at usage statistics among your target customers and think about how you’re going to use the channels to showcase products and services. If you run a clothing brand, for example, and your ideal buyer is a female aged between 16 and 35 years old, Instagram will be more effective than Twitter or Facebook. You can use posts to sell products, but make sure you take advantage of the opportunities to engage and interact with customers too. Social media is an incredible platform for giving your brand personality and showing the human side of the business. 

A website that delivers results

If you’re on a mission to create new leads by driving more traffic to your website, it’s essential to make sure that your site is fit for purpose. If your website is drab, it’s difficult to navigate, or it’s basic, web users may look elsewhere. Your site should be slick, simple to use and aesthetically-pleasing, and it should provide useful, relevant information. Conduct tests to see how effective landing pages are, link content to social media feeds and go the extra mile to provide an enjoyable experience. You can add features like live chat and personalized recommendations, and it’s also a great idea to vary the content. Video clips and images are more captivating than text. Another essential consideration is making your site mobile-friendly. For more tips on producing a fantastic business website, take a look at this article

People are spending more time online than ever before. Take these tips on board to ensure your business is able to capitalize.