Working from home has plenty of benefits. You cut out the commute every day, which lowers costs and gives you more time. You can also be more flexible, especially if you work for yourself and set your own hours. Some people even find that they are more productive when they work from home without the distractions of other people.

However, the only way to reap most of these benefits is to make sure that you work in an appropriate area. When remote working was a temporary stopgap, many people would work wherever they could. This meant sitting at the kitchen table and having to put up with the noise and clutter of a kitchen, as well as the constant reshuffling of their desktop. Or you might have tried to work from the bed or the living room sofa, which can lead to bad posture and back pain. 

If you want a permanent solution, then you need to set up a professional home office. 

A Dedicated Workplace

Ideally, your home office should be in its own room. A spare bedroom or even a converted cupboard are far better options than setting up in a part of the house that is already used. Another option is to create a garden office, which is a structure separate from the rest of your house that even allows you to “walk to work” and get in the right headspace. 

If you don’t have the space for this, then another option is to find a quiet corner of the house and set up your office there. You can use room dividers to make a cubby or cubicle, so it’s harder to get distracted. If possible, find a place with a window and plenty of natural light, as this is better for your health and productivity. 

The Right Desktop

A kitchen table and chair might work on a temporary basis, but it isn’t comfortable or practical to work in the long term. Ideally, you should equip your office space with proper furniture designed to be used for hours at a time. You can find some attractive, comfortable, and professional options at Office Desking

As well as an ergonomic chair and desk, you should equip your desktop with the right tools. A laptop is the bare minimum option, as an extra monitor or two can boost your productivity and allow you to sit more comfortably if the monitor is at eye level. A dedicated mouse and keyboard will be more comfortable and efficient to use. If you make video calls, then a webcam and microphone will give a better quality of sound and image for your clients and coworkers. 

Simple decorations like a houseplant and some posters will make your office a more pleasant place to be in. It doesn’t have to be spartan to be professional, and some decorations can even boost productivity. However, find a balance between nicely decorated and cluttered, and if you make video calls, be careful of what is visible behind you. 

With the right office, you can work more efficiently and feel like a professional.