Getting a steady flow of traffic takes constant work. Not only do you need to have a great looking website, and the content that people want; you will need to juggle a lot more balls to keep your site stats where you want them to be. 

Investing in the tools to drive traffic to your site is vital. You’ll need to use robust search engine optimization and an excellent social media strategy. And then you’ll need to sustain a continuous approach to maintaining this. 

Building Your Social Shares

Getting your posts shared on social media is critical in generating clicks to your site. Whenever you create new material, be sure and post it to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. But alongside sharing blog posts on these sites, you need to be engaging in other ways. Set yourself growth targets to work towards. Building your followers on these sites is crucial for developing your audience.

If you want to target your readers every time you create a new blog post, use an RSS builder to allow your posts to appear in their feeds directly. 

You should also go after email subscriptions. Having this captive audience is extremely valuable, and if you can, use targeted mail that adds value to your site, rather than just sharing links. 

Search Engine Optimization

When someone searches for anything online, search engines have to trawl two billion websites. From this, it is likely to return tens of thousands of potential matches. 

Getting your site within the first page of results is vital if you want anyone to click on it. Most people don’t go past the first page of results when it comes to picking which site to visit; many won’t go further than the first handful. 

Having a good understanding of the types of searches people are using to find you can be very helpful. Using Google Analytics, you can get a good understanding of how people are interacting with your site will help you when it comes to selecting keywords. 

Google’s ranking algorithms look at how relevant your site is. It finds out your domain authority by seeing which other sites are linking to it. It’s almost like having friends in high places. If you’ve got lots of websites with high domain authorities pointing towards your site, Google sees you as a reliable source. From this, you’ll start to move up the search rankings. 

If you can get your site linked in as many places as possible, this will put you in great stead. Think about offering your services as a guest blogger on popular sites. Alternatively, approach influencers with regards getting your site linked in a blog post. 

Blogger outreach offers an excellent opportunity to build your domain authority through link sharing. With many agencies providing services that can help you grow, this is an option that’s worth considering. 

You will need to employ as many of these strategies at the same time. It can take time to build up your traffic, and once you’ve got to the levels you want, you need to continue to do the same things. 

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