So many people have gone freelance in the last few years, and most often, they sell services – but customers buy millions of physical products daily. If you don’t want to run a service business, you might consider creating and selling a product. But what if you aren’t sure what product you want to sell, or perhaps you want to create your own?

Here are some tips to help you narrow down what you want to sell. 

Problem Solving

Almost all products exist to solve a problem for the customer: cleaning cloths, skin care products, and even paracetamol. Everything we use is designed to make our lives easier and they all started because someone who had a problem wanted a way to fix it – and in doing so they created a product that already had a demand. 

Think about everything you do in the day, in work or everyday life – where are there gaps that you could use a tool you don’t have, or maybe one that doesn’t exist yet. 


Perhaps you use a product every day, but it just doesn’t feel as good as it could be used. In this case you can start to look at how you can improve the product and make it better for people. Improved versions of products usually mean they are higher-quality – but you’re going to need to have your improved model prototyped and created using a company like Tecan

Make sure that you have the improved version tests by those who use the original to see if it really does make a difference. 


What is it that you really care about? It could be something globally like rubbish collection, or it might be something like the amount of people who are using food banks. It might even be knitting or motorbikes. It could be anything, but if you know what you are passionate about, that can go a long way to helping you find a product that you will love to sell, and people will love to buy. 

Passion will also help you to overcome the hurdles you might face when it comes to launching and growing your business. 

What are you good at? What do you know?

Often we are so keen to move out of the business we currently work in, we forget all of the skills and knowledge we have that can be used in our new venture. Most people have one or two things that they are interested in and good at, and where those lines converge is the perfect product for you to sell. 


Perhaps the thing that you are really good at is spotting trends in consumers – seeing what they are currently buying, and understanding the next logical steps in the trend. While fads come and go, during the time they are popular they can be very lucrative for those who hopped on the trend early. 

Trends make marketing and SEO a little easier too – since so many people will be looking for that thing. 

Once you have your products ready – the right marketing can make or break them: Promote Your Business With These Marketing Strategies