Local businesses need visibility online and offline. Even if you operate a traditional business that relies on word-of-mouth advertising, you still need an online presence to keep up with new technologies. Local SEO is one way to create online visibility and attract customers to the store.  

Invest in Local SEO 

Local SEO differs from general SEO in that it’s relevant to a specific locality. You might have noticed the Google suggestion when you perform a search for a service or event; it gives you the option to place a “near me” tag at the end. This tag narrows the search to a given region. 

If you want to improve the visibility of your local company online or attract more footfall traffic to your store, you need to optimize your website and content to include key search terms. There are many ways to invest in local SEO for top results; visit Armory Digital Marketing for details. 

Importance of Organic Traffic 

Traffic to your website comes in three forms, organic traffic, local snack pack traffic, and promotional results. Organic traffic is determined by your on-site and off-site SEO, and promotional traffic is your paid ads. Snack Pack traffic is the best match under promotions. 

Both organic traffic and Snack Pack traffic are determined by the quality of your local SEO. In some instances, local SEO can be even more effective than paid advertising because many users skip the ads and click on the top results. Improve your SEO or invest in a pro service. 

Develop an SEO Strategy 

If you want to improve your SEO and increase your local traffic, you need an SEO strategy. SEO has lots to offer, but it takes time and dedication to rank well on search engines. Start with your Google My Business account; this is a business listing and a vital metric for ranking on Google.  

There are other important elements of an SEO strategy, including mobile SEO, link building, customer reviews, and social media, to make your business more visible online and easier to find in the local area. Don’t forget about keywords and content sharing in your industry or niche.    

Invest in Content Marketing 

Perhaps, one of the most important features of an SEO strategy is your content marketing. Content marketing informs and educates people with an interest in your industry; it is designed for readers and is non-promotional in nature. But it links back to your website, boosting traffic. 

Creating quality content for your website is important. The search algorithm takes between three and nine months to index and ranks the content, but the ranking can improve over time based on its quality and referrals. Make sure the content you create has long-term value for the site.    

Final Thoughts 

Local search is crucial to small businesses; it makes them more visible to customers on smartphones and laptops in the vicinity, increasing website visits and footfall. If you are new to local search, it’s best to work with an SEO agency to give you a start on the competition.