Owning and running a nursery business is a big responsibility and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, you’re being entrusted by parents to look after their children with care and attention.  Of course, accidents can happen with young children but it’s necessary to ensure you’re doing everything needed to protect your little ones within the nursery environment. From having the right number of staff on shift, to decorating the spaces with safety in mind. Here are some helpful tips that will ensure your little ones under your care, are looked after properly.

Be sure to keep strict and detailed records of children

When it comes to the safety of your children, you want to ensure detailed records are kept up to date at all times. Ideally, you want to do these digitally in order to get quick access to them as and when it’s needed. To help with maintaining records, it’s worth having someone who is responsible for updating this day in and day out. As your nursery goes and you take on more children, it’s important that your awareness and attention to detail don’t waiver on keeping these records updated. As the children grow, so too will their demands, so it’s important to be proactive when it comes to what they need in order to satisfy their needs and mostly, to keep them safe. There are lots of software systems and tools out there so it’s worth hunting around for the best systems that perhaps integrate with other digital tools you’re already using. This might also make it easier when needing to communicate with parents during opening and closing hours.

Be aware of your limits on intake

Every nursery is different when it comes to the amount of children they can intake through their doors. Even with hiring additional staff, the amount of children you have needs to accurately reflect the amount of employees who work on the site. Typically, you should have one adult to every four or five children. That should give you a realistic idea of how many children you can take on and where your limits should lie. If you’ve got too many children to the staff available then you’re at risk of putting the business in trouble with the local authorities that set the guidelines/rules. At the same time, you want to be able to give each and every child, a great experience of nursery. If there are too many children within one session, then some are likely to feel left out and isolated.

Decorate with safety in mind

When it comes to protecting your little ones in the nursery, you want to lead with safety in mind when decorating the space. For example, if you’re looking to do some playground surfacing to maximize the outdoor space, then you certainly want to use child-safe flooring. After all, young children are likely to be a little clumsy on their feet and will often be subject to a few falls where that’s falling on their own or accidentally bumping into another child. Be sure to have the same attitude when it comes to the interior design and decor of the nursery space. Be wary of tables and chairs, as well as other furniture that might be prone to having sharp edges. Working in a nursery is a demanding job and one that often requires you to have eyes in the back of your head. By decorating with safety, you help yourself and your staff where safety is concerned.

Nurture a great relationship with the parents

As a business, it’s important to nurture a strong relationship with all of your customers. That way, you get great reviews and hopefully, returning customers who are always willing to pay. The same works for your nursery and the parents who are entrusting their child with you and your team. With that being said, spend the time getting to know each and every parent.  Nurturing that relationship is going to help you have more relaxed conversations about your children and have open discussions when something might have gone wrong.

Use ID badges and ramp up security

Finally, when it comes to security, it’s paramount that you’ve got the best systems in place. From intercom to ID badges, it’s important to know as a parent, that their child is safe. Using ID badges is going to help ensure no one gets in that shouldn’t. Protecting your little ones is important when it comes to your nursery business. Make sure you’re following all of the tips to keep your children safe in this environment.