You’d like to think that your employees would be self-starters, who didn’t need to be cajoled into performing their best. They’d just naturally work their hardest. They’d be motivated. The satisfaction in knowing they’ve done a good job would be enough for them. Alas, while this is an appealing idea, it’s not realistic. If they’re going to deliver their best work, your employees need to be inspired, they need to feel valued. And as the business owner, this is up to you! Below, we take a look at a few tried and tested ways you can bring out the best of your employees, and also improve the overall atmosphere of your workplace.

Give Positive Feedback

Whether we like it or not, people need validation. They need to know that they’re doing a good job! While the qualities possessed by one of your staff members may be obvious to you, that you have these thoughts may not be obvious to the staff member. So if an employee does a good job, tell them. They’ve worked hard trying to do a good job, and your metaphorical thumbs up will be the added incentive they need to carry on trying to achieve their best in the future.

Show Your Trust

A lot of employees talk a big game when it comes to their staff. They can say that they value them, want them to grow, and so on, yet when it comes to actions, fall short. This usually happens because the boss, deep down, doesn’t fully trust their employees. Of course, the staff read this — if everything they do is being micromanaged by the owner, then it’s obvious they don’t value their opinion or work as much as they make out. Most entrepreneurs have trouble giving up some control of their baby, but it’s worth learning how. You’ve hired your team for a reason — let them get on with their work. They’re capable of doing their job better than you can.

Celebratory Evenings

The relationship between you and your staff shouldn’t be all formal business. They’re the ones who are helping your business to grow and become a success — and as such, it’s important that you’re not just seeing them as tools to help your company develop, but that they’re sharing in your success. And one of the best ways to do this is to host an employee appreciation night. You’ll host a dinner, hand out custom acrylic awards to your best-performing employees, and make a toast to the team’s efforts. It’s an excellent way to show your staff that you appreciate them — so long as the company is footing the bill.

Company Privileges

You can also take a look at offering small benefits to employees who do well. This could involve having an additional day off during the week, or granting a team member the right to use the best parking space at the company, or anything else. These small benefits may just give your team the incentive they need to carry on working their best.