Working with children can be immensely rewarding. If it’s something you’re considering as a career choice, there are many different roles you might want to consider. Teaching isn’t the only option, becoming a registered childminder is the perfect choice both in terms of your career, finances and flexibility you’re looking for. People are always looking for safe and convenient childcare. But what qualifications do you need to be a childminder and how can you set up your own childminding business

Decide On The Type Of Childminder You Want To Be

First, take the time to decide what working pattern you’re looking for. For example, you might want to look after younger children year-round or provide vacation time care so parents can still go out to work while the kids are out of school. 

Qualifications & Accreditations

The rules around the qualifications you need differ by state, so check out which ones apply to you. Generally, it’s good to have some kind of early years qualification as well as first aid training from ​​ to be able to deal with any medical emergencies. 

You’ll also need to undergo an extensive background check to make sure that you’re a fit and proper person to be looking after children. 

If you’re setting up your own business, you might also want to consider taking some training in bookkeeping and marketing in order to let your business run smoothly. 

Insurance & Licenses

In order to run your business, you’ll need to have the necessary permits, licenses and insurance in place. These can take some time, so don’t leave it until the last minute. 

Make Alterations To Your Home

As a childcare professional, you need to provide a safe and stimulating environment for the children. Again, there will be a lot of rules and regulations around this so check what you need to do first. If you have the space, you can convert it into a specialist area where you can put all of the toys, equipment and supplies. Basics will include ensuring all furniture is anchored to the walls, securing all cupboards and drawers and adding security features to blind cords and cables. 

If you’re planning on using your garden, then you’ll need to make this a safe space too by securing entry and removing any poisonous plants. 

Start Marketing Your Business

Many childcare businesses do very well through word-of-mouth referrals. When you’re just starting out, you won’t be able to rely on this, so you need to get your business in front of people. Your marketing plan will outline where and when you’re going to promote your business. For a basic plan, you should be looking at a website, local business listings and social media on your chosen platforms. If you’re doing everything yourself it can seem pretty overwhelming but focus on one area at a time. 

Key Points  

It may seem like there’s a lot to be done before you can open your childcare business, but it is necessary to ensure the quality of service and safety of the children. It will also give parents confidence in your care. 

Before you know it, you’ll be ready to take your career forward.