It’s very easy to think of marketing as if it were a scalpel, but really, it’s a large and complex fishing net, connected to a well-oiled filtration machine, serving up an actionable lead you can follow. Sure, that latter comparison is hardly smooth or subtle, but it describes just how complex and multi-faceted a good marketing strategy has to be.

Many companies focus on investing in one area of their marketing, for instance, a social media strategy, and then begin to ignore all the other disciplines that could work in tandem and support this process. For that reason, it’s not hard to see why so many individuals find this process tough to manage.

Taking a cohesive approach towards marketing can actually be the better option here. It will enable you to more readily track results, diversify your output, and potentially draw more people in. It will also help you avoid thinking singularly when hoping to appeal to an audience you deem worth engaging. In this post, we’ll discuss a few tips you can use when hoping to achieve that, and what that means for your strategy going forward:

Consider All Platforms

It’s important to think of all the platforms by which you could market your product, and what their value is to you. Only firms with huge budgets can afford prime space in magazines, a big-budget television commercial, billboards and stadium sponsorships. But perhaps you could sponsor an influencer in your field (such as a fitness influencer), and have them post on their TikTok page, Twitter and Instagram for a flat fee. Then, perhaps you could link YouTube videos of how to utilize your product that you’ve crafted in-house. This multi-pronged strategy can help you decide on and measure the effectiveness of multiple platforms, which can make a massive difference going forward and strengthen your approach.

Utilize A Service Experienced In All Approaches

It’s essential to utilize a service that is experienced in almost all approaches you could possibly opt for. For instance, AdTaxi are more than capable of utilizing marketing capabilities for social media, programmatic, search marketing options, and more. This way, you can generate high-value leads to your website, for instance, without having to force that using artificial means. In the long run, this will enable you to deliver a more confident and cohesive marketing strategy that actually returns results.

Keep A Consistent Marketing Package

Keeping a consistent marketing package is a worthwhile means by which to fold every piece of your campaign into a larger whole. For instance, matching you social media banners to the tone of your videographic social media content, as well as branding your infographics and website tier lists in the same manner, and making sure your packaging reflects that, is key to making sure a whole, cohesive experience has been planned out. This way, a positive first impression will stretch out into a more understandable experience for a newcomer. Keeping that in mind can make a profound difference regarding the success of your advertising effort.

With this advice, we hope you can more readily think of marketing as a cohesive whole going forward.