While we are in lockdown situations and businesses have dispersed enough to work from home, you are likely to find that you can’t track your employees as well as you used to before. Your staff work for you by mutual choice: they applied for a job and you took them aboard. They work for you and they work better when they are motivated and they can be more productive with the right training. 

You may have invested a lot of time in researching iSpring Learn Reviews for the best training program, but if you haven’t got a clue about how to track their progress, is there much point? You need to know that your employee training is working. You have to know that your staff are able to do better and they are hitting their educational goals. If they can learn skills that are covered on the job, they can do better with their progress, but how do you define that they are doing well? 

There are more ways to track your staff than you could imagine, and with the right tracking tools in place, you can make sure that progress is being made in a lockdown situation. Here are some of the ways that you can ensure that they are doing well.

  • Ask

Believe it or not, many employers don’t communicate enough with their staff to know that their training is working. They don’t ask the right questions, nor do they ensure that their staff are happy. You need to be on top of your software enough to be able to see how your employees are doing with their courses. You can manage the course that they are taking and ask if there is anything that you could be doing differently. If you don’t ask how they are feeling or how they are doing, how do you hope to know if you are on the right track with training?

  • Tracking Software

There are training software tools that you can use to track the training and allocate the course you want your staff to take. You need to search through the range of options on offer so that you can make sure that you are getting back the right reports. If you know that people are completing their training, you can delegate the tasks better. You can see the progress that people are making and know whether you are offering the right training in the first place.

  • A Training Alarm

Have a tracking spreadsheet on your computer to ensure that training is happening as it should. You can then keep on top of the start and end dates of all the training in your business and know that your staff are on the right track with their goals.

If you haven’t thought about your employee training programs, the time is now to begin. Your employees deserve the chance at an education, and you are the person to give it in the right circumstances!