There are many ways to win over customers to your company, including offering an excellent product or service, and having a competitive price point. But perhaps the biggest factor, one that is sometimes overlooked by business owners, is whether there’s trust or not. If there’s a trusting relationship between business and customer, then you’ll find that it’s much easier to achieve success. But of course, developing trust is easier said than done. We take a look at a few tried and tested methods below. 

Don’t Oversell

There is always the temptation to talk a big game and win over customers through hype. But unless you’re able to fully back up this talk with outstanding products or services, then you should resist. All it’ll do is raise doubts in the minds of your customers. It’s understandable that in the age of intense competition, you would want to use whatever marketing tactics you think would set you apart from the crowd. And in fact, this tactic might even work — but only once. After they’ve figured out that your bark is louder than your bite, there’ll be too many doubts, and they will move on.

The Personal Factor 

One of the hardest things about running a small business is that, well, no-one has ever heard of you. You’re trying to get the attention of people who have already been wooed by big corporations. They’ve built their trust on consistency. Your company is new; you haven’t had time to be consistent! So you need other tactics. There is one tool in your arsenal that large corporations don’t possess, however: you’ve got a personal story. So make sure people know it. For various reasons, people trust companies when they know the faces, names, and stories of the people who are running them.

Online Presence

It’s probable that the first interaction that a potential customer will have with your business will be online. And as we all know, first interactions count for a lot. People, after all, are prone to making snap judgments. So it’s important that the judgment they’re making is positive, and that it invokes trust. If your website is down or, worse, it looks like it has outdated security measures, then they will have doubts. And when you’re a small business, doubts can be the difference between making a sale and not. Avoid this problem by making your digital presence and infrastructure watertight. To do this, it’s best to outsource the task to the experts, so get more details, and improve this area of your business. If you ever suffer from a digital related issue (such as hacking), it’s imperative that you’re handling it as soon as possible.

Customer Reviews

Finally, look at building trust between you and your potential customers by using the endorsements of your previous customers. For various reasons, people trust the words of other people more than they do the words of the company directly. Get reviews, and then post them on your website for all your first-time visitors to see.