I am a MONSTROUS fan of Gary Vaynerchuk. I’ve been paying attention to him for years. I find his videos to be relevant and the “audio experience” is my go-to for the treadmill.

His hustle is total #goals.

However, I’m a realistic gal. I know that I will not ever have the drive in me that he has. Doesn’t mean I’m not taking notes, though.

This past Saturday, I had a mini-epiphany about the direction of my future, and it was due to some things he said. Actually, his words jumped right on the back of a conversation I had with a friend last week about the thing I’d do every day for the rest of my life whether I ever got paid for it or not. Clarity like you wouldn’t believe.

But that isn’t really what I want to talk about today.

As a sometimes virtual assistant, I’m a huge advocate for outsourcing work. (Dude, it pays my bills!) But, as an entrepreneur myself, I also feel very strongly something that Gary mentioned…When he was starting out, he did it ALL himself. All of it. When he got to the point that he could afford to hire help, he did (again with the #goals).

We all have to go through that stage. Sometimes we may even make it to the hiring stage, but maybe we get a little too big for our britches and we hire too many people (I’ve seen it a hundred times). You can’t skip the “Do it Yourself” stage…unless you’ve got a sugar daddy funding your project, in which case, we all collectively hate you.

But really, the doing it yourself is good for you. It’s just like going through your teenage years. It builds character. It gives you a better understanding of how your business works. And it makes you value you the people you do finally end up hiring all the more.

Back to Gary…this guy gets up at 4am to start his day like a boss. I get up around then too, but it’s more so I can ease into my day with devotions and coffee before the kids are up, than so I can eek out every second of the day.

I’m not ever going to hustle like Gary Vee. But if I use some of his principles plus add my own little splash of me to it, there’s really no way I won’t kill it.

Same goes for you. You have to learn from the people who are stupidly successful, but you can’t copy them. You aren’t them. You must do your thing your way, so your people can find you.

Which brings me to another point. If you don’t have a website that pops with your personality, they aren’t ever going to find you…or maybe they’ll just trickle in like a slow drip. I can help you with that.

If you’d like to chat about a custom designed website – or you’d rather do it yourself, either way, I’ve got you covered.

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