Most little girls love princesses. They want to be a princess.

I was not most little girls. Being a princess has not ever held any kind of draw for me. To me, being a princess means a confined life. One where you do what you are told. You listen to the rules. And you stay away from anything that might endanger you.

Nope. Not for me.

I was all about the unicorn, not the princess.

Unicorns are free to be wild. They are sought after. And they are MAGICAL.

All the things I wanted to be.

I’ve always known this about myself – but sometimes I forget and think I need to fit in better. That I should want to be a princess like everyone else.

So I try.

I try to sound like them. Gossip like them. Talk about nothing like them.

The truth, though? It never works out. I always realize somewhere along the way that I’m just not like them, and the more I try, the more awkward and out of place I feel.

This same thing applies to being an adult and running a business.

If you run a business that you love, but you aren’t doing it in a way that is all you – you are going to come across as awkward and out of place. People may resonate with what you are saying, but once they start working with you, they realize that your message and the reality of you is not

If you show up as you – in all your glory, your people will find you.

They will find you, and they will love what you are doing. You will speak directly to their souls, and they will be thrilled to give you their money.

This is what I’m only just realizing for myself too.

And that’s why I came up with a brand new way to work with me.

I’m calling it Website Alchemy.

What’s Website Alchemy consist of?

  • a complete audit of your current website situation and concrete suggestions on how to improve what you are offering.
  • up to six pages of personality driven copy.
  • full social media integration.
  • a solid plan to market your brand new personality driven website

How do I plan on delivering all of that in one month or less?

Well, I AM intuitive, so that helps. But the best way to get in your head for me is talking. We’ll have a few scheduled phone calls and or skype sessions to flesh out content and design.

You’ll pin every inspiring thing you find to a private pinterest board.

And over the course of four weeks, we will work together to get you a website that your ideal customer will not be able resist.

And just so we’re clear…

This is not something where you can just click the buy button and you’re in.

Not everyone is going to be a good fit for this project, and we need to talk about where you are in your business and what you’ve currently got going on. We need to make sure we are a good fit before I take your money.

Interested? Drop me a line and we can discuss!

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