In baseball, you have three kinds of pitchers: Starters, Relievers and Closers.

Technically, it’s only two, but the Closer is the best of the best when it comes to Relievers, so I think they deserve their own category.

Now, honestly, when it comes to business and business-based analogies – this might be a stretch for you. Especially if you aren’t quite as into baseball as I am. But, I had a great big epiphany¬†today, and for me, baseball is the best way to fully wrap my brain around the concept.

So, the epiphany…

I was talking to my husband this morning about my cousin, Caleb. Caleb is a super smart guy who is currently running an extremely successful solar business with the help of his super smart brother, Luke and my super smart aunt Teresa and my super smart uncle David, oh and my other super smart uncle Bill is on the payroll too. That’s a whole lot of super smart people, but if you want to know the truth – it runs in the family.

Anyway – Caleb & the crew are freaking killing it.

And, as I admitted a few weeks ago, I am decidedly not.

So what is it that they’ve got that I don’t?

It’s not passion. It’s not drive and it’s not ambition – because we’ve all got a heaping dose of those three things.

After the husband and I came to our own conclusion, I messaged Caleb and asked him for some quick advice.

He was up early because I’m pretty sure that runs in our blood too and he confirmed what I suspected. He and I suffer from the same affliction.

He and I both are great at getting things started. We have no problem with driving a project forward. And we certainly don’t need anyone to push us to make decisions.

But we also both have a hard time finishing just about everything.

I told him, “I *think* the secret lies in having people working with me that can help me with that.”

His reply, “I’m the exact same way. I have great vision, great ideas to start and then I can never finish anything! I had my brother, my mom, a friend Adam to pick up the pieces and get it across the finish line. You should find an assistant or business partner who is good at the things you aren’t. Your gut instinct is 100% correct.”

I’d actually realized this about a week ago – that I’m not good at finishing things. Or rather, I *can* finish things – but I lose steam, it’s a struggle and I’m angry throughout the whole process.

It’s not what I do well.

Which brings me back to the baseball part of this story.

Some pitchers are starters. They can pitch a solid four or five innings, but by the sixth inning, they’ve lost all their steam. They *could* pitch more, but it’ll most likely be a disaster.

Likewise, relief pitchers can pitch a solid inning or two – but it’s not a good idea to put them in to start the game, because you’ll run through the rest of your bullpen before the game is over.

The Closer, though – that guy is important. He finishes the game. He puts the final exclamation point on the win.

I will never be the Closer.

There was a time that typing out this whole thing would have been mortifying for me. I don’t want to admit that I can’t cross the finish line without help.

But these here are the facts, and the number one thing I’m realizing in all of this is that all three pitchers are necessary parts of the game.