Working from home has become the new norm for many of us in recent months and looks to continue being so in 2021 and perhaps even beyond for many. 

Remote working has proved to be just as effective as in house working and is cheaper for the employer to manage than an office. If you are considering keeping your operations at home for a while, you want to create a company culture which supports this and which is happy and safe. 

Today we want to show you a few ways to raise morale for those working at home and bring a sense of personality to your company even when everyone is at home. 

Pet show and tell 

One thing that always raises spirits has to be the unexpected presence of a pet during a zoom call. Instead of making this a once in a blue moon occurrence, you could ask one employee every week to show their pet on your Friday afternoon call to help people wind down from the week. It is a simple gesture but one which will really help your team stay connected and gets along even when they can’t speak in person. 

Host a quiz or two 

One thing that has definitely become more popular during the recent months is hosting zoom quizzes for the masses. If you want to keep morale up and improve your company culture you can ask one person to do a zoom quiz once a month on a Friday to help repaid morale. This can be a fun activity for everyone and will allow everyone to get to know each other outside a work setting. 

Send a hamper 

One of the things you won’t be able to do as a company working at home during the pandemic is host dinners or parties for your team. What you can do though is send a hamper to everyone in your team to thank them for their hard work during a difficult time. This is a gesture which can be appreciate and will make your workers feel valued. 

Offer training 

When considering a healthy company culture you can consult experts such as Haval Dosky for ways to make your workers feel more appreciated and supported in the workplace. When at home one way to do this is to offer your employees the chance to try online courses to improve their skills in many different fields and this will make a massive difference to their work ethic. Investing in the career of your employees even when working remotely is a good way to ensure that they feel valued and will trust you. 

Allow flexibility 

One of the things we have had to learn over the last year is that people work in different ways. Office culture is not what it used to be and many business owners now don’t host traditional working hours for their employees. Allow your workers to work when they are able to, even if it is early in the morning or in the evening. Doing this will make a huge difference because people can work alongside their lifestyle and it will make them much happier to work for you.