Remote work, working from home, hybrid work – whatever you call it, and however it looks, there has been a significant impact made across all industries. Millions of companies realized that by letting their teams work from home, they got better work and lower overheads, and their organizations ran perfectly. 

We often think that only digital industries or IT-based companies can work from home – and it makes sense. These areas are synonymous with being completely online and digital (to an extent). 

But, there is a call from companies across the globe in all industries, including consulting, media, literature, medicine, banking, and finance – you can even work from home in the medical industry.

So if you are considering a career that is almost 100% online, here are some industries that are growing in remote working. 


Did you know that if you have legal experience and qualifications, you can work from home? There are lots of websites that people with legal quandaries can visit and hire some legal help there and then. You’ll provide a short introduction and show your skills, and people can inquire if you meet their needs. 

It’s not only that you can work on case files and contribute to journals or industry magazines too. 


There are many opportunities within the finance sector, ranging from ‘smaller’ jobs like balance sheets and light accounting work to fully remote consulting and analysis. Almost all financial institutions have a great digital structure which allows them to offer a streamlined and strategic remote working environment.

There might be travel required every now and then, but it might not be much. 

Customer Support 

Every business that wants to succeed will have a robust customer support team – and they will handle all types of issues. Troubleshooting product and technical issues, resolving human error issues, and guiding people with the best ways to handle their problems. All while maintaining the tone of voice of the client. 

Most of the time, you can get a foot in the door without experience because you will be trained in the role. Many companies will supply you with a laptop, the software you need, and sometimes a home office budget (like most remote roles). 

You will need a stable internet connection and some good headphones if you’re taking calls. 

Health and Wellness

Supporting people through weight loss journeys, eating better, learning, training, and even health care. Online therapy has also been a big deal too. Health and wellness is a huge market, and that means there are a lot of opportunities for work – even if you aren’t qualified in something. You can work with people through many different journeys in their wellness and healthcare. 

The remote working boom has been a blessing for many people with highly sought-after skills who don’t see themselves based in an office or on-site for the duration of their working life. 

If you are still on the fence about it, here are just a few reasons that making the change to working online could be the best thing for you: Good Reasons to Work from Home