In order to find your position in the professional world, you have looked and searched. Most likely, you have witnessed an ambulance driving past you at a great pace while its siren plays that enchanted melody and continues till the enchanted red lights vanish into the night. You can’t help but imagine how thrilling it must be to be behind the wheel as other drivers dodge you. You ruminate and consider, “Where are they going, I wonder? What will they observe? I hope I can go.” 

In actuality, working in EMS may be quite thrilling at times. You may spend some days doing nothing at all and question your decision to accept the position. You will save someone’s grandfather the following day, only to answer the following call and deliver a baby. Is everything worth it? You may work long hours, have critical communication equipment so you can perform your job properly but you can also save lives, help people and be someone your family is proud of. 

Saving lives is a great feeling

Saving a life or giving birth to a child is the most fulfilling sensation known to man. When I first saw a heartbeat on the cardiac monitor attached to a once-silent and breathless human being, I was overcome with emotion beyond words. I think this feeling is so intense because, in your opinion, if it weren’t for you, this person wouldn’t have breathed again. For a little while, you have the impression that you and this person are the only people in the world.

Paramedics have a sense of camaraderie

In my opinion, camaraderie is a significant plus. The friendship among paramedics is unmatched. You will normally work in tandem with these other paramedics for a few weeks at a time, if not permanently. With your mates, you will form a bond unlike any other. After working with someone for a while, you will get familiar with their thoughts before they are even aware of them. This is necessary in order to provide patients with timely, secure, and efficient care. When there is this kind of camaraderie among the team, patient care tends to just come and flow naturally without any need for explanation.

The Community Will Respect You 

Being a valued part of your community is an additional benefit. Being a paramedic will result in random acts of kindness being performed for you. Although it is not a justification for becoming a paramedic, this is undoubtedly a pleasant perk. Everyone will regard you with respect. The other students at your child’s school will just be in amazement when you walk up and tell them that your partner is a paramedic. After your shift is over, you’ll run across random people while out and about performing errands who will thank you for your service and wish you God’s blessing.

A lot of paperwork is involved

The worst aspect of working as a paramedic is without a doubt the paperwork. To complete your paperwork, you must complete papers. Since most EMS organisations are sponsored by and operated by the government, there is constantly a tonne of paperwork.