Is there too much stuff going on in your business for you to keep track of? Streamlining your business could be a way of simplifying it by getting rid of all the clutter. Here are just a few ways in which you can do this.

Integrate your devices

Having different information stored in different places can get confusing. Many businesses use a range of devices including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. By embracing cloud computing, you may be able to store all your data virtually in one place and access it from any device. Companies such as can help you to introduce such technology including cloud storage and VoIP phone services (this allows you answer phonecalls from any device!).

Centralise your software

Having too many pieces of software could also get confusing. Rather than having separate pieces of software for individual tasks, consider whether you’d be better off using an all-in-one software package. These could allow you to do everything from managing emails to handling accounting to managing projects all in one place.

Consolidate your debts

Having to keep track of lots of different business debts can also get stressful. Paying all these debts off with one loan could help you to more easily keep track of your debt. There are companies out there such as that offer these consolidation loans specifically for businesses.

Unite your insurance policies

If you’ve taken out lots of different insurance policies with different insurers, consider whether you’d be better off uniting them all under one scheme from one provider. This could help you to keep track of monthly payments and changing rates more easily. Companies like offer customisable packages which could include professional indemnity, property insurance, contents insurance, employers’ liability and public liability all in one.  

Tighten up your supply chain

When it comes to general suppliers, you may also be able to do some streamlining to help keep track of outgoing costs. Businesses such as restaurants could have an array of suppliers for different ingredients and cleaning supplies. Using a supply chain management company, you may be able to consolidate all your supplier costs into one monthly bill – the company then distributes these funds for you to each of your suppliers.  

Cut down your inventory

Reducing the selection of products and services you offer to customers could also help you to stay more organised. Consider getting rid of the items that don’t sell very well or are generally not profitable and focus your energy on the items that consumers want and that make you the best returns. You could find that this takes some stress off your shoulders by not having to be a jack-of-all-trades.