Legally protecting your business is important for deflecting lawsuits and for helping you to make legal claims against others that may be taking unfair advantage. Here are just several ways in which you can legally protect your business.

Protect your brand

It’s important that other companies don’t steal elements of your brand and try to pass them off as their own. Patents, trademarks and copyright are all forms of brand protection that are worth looking into – this beginners guide to brand protection offers more details on each of them. There are lawyers that can help you to implement these forms of brand protection.

Put agreements in writing

Putting agreements in writing is also important for keeping you legally protected. It can help to offer evidence of the terms of agreement so that you cannot be sued for not providing something that you didn’t promise. Legal contracts are common when making big agreements – could be worth hiring a professional legal writer to create these contracts.

Invest in video surveillance

Video surveillance could be useful in certain situations for capturing live footage of events to be used as evidence. If your company vehicle is in accident, a dashcam could help to show that you weren’t at fault. Meanwhile, CCTV could be useful in your workplace for capturing crimes on film such as theft. Make sure to let relevant people know that you are using CCTV.

Consider recording phone calls

Recording phone calls could be important if you make agreements over the phone. It could give you evidence of a conversation that took place if someone is claiming that it never happened and it could give you evidence of the exact wording that was used. Make sure to inform people that a phone call is recorded beforehand so that people can choose whether to proceed – some people may not be happy having the conversation recorded.

Choose the right legal structure

It’s also important to use the right legal structure. Setting up a limited company could be important for keeping a divide between your business and personal life – this will ensure that you are not personally liable for any business debts, and that your business does not have to pay for any personal debts.  


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