It doesn’t matter how good your work team, there will come a time around 2-3 in the afternoon when everyone gets a little lazy. Eyes may start drooping, and productivity may decrease. In many ways, it seems like an inevitable part of the working day, and something us managers have to work around.

But, what if we were to tell you that there are some pretty simple ways to get past those drooping hours? By putting a little thought into things, we guarantee that you can ensure maximum productivity, no matter the time of day. But, how exactly can you overcome a slump which seems to be universal? Even when you aren’t at work, you often fall asleep in the afternoons. So, what could you possibly do to change this during long work days? Keep on reading to find out.

Offer the right snacks in your break room

The absolute first thing you need to do is replace sugary snacks in your break room. If employees are stuffing themselves with cakes and biscuits at lunch, a slump like this isn’t surprising. It’s little more than an office-wide sugar crash with could end up crashing your company. Don’t let it happen by making sure to provide sugarless snacks which release energy over time. Nuts and seeds are fantastic for this, as are fruits like bananas. While these may not get your team as excited, they do ensure everyone can perform at their best all day long. Over time, you may even find that your whole team stops craving that sugar fix anyway.

Consider temperature

Warm and cozy spaces are the worst for sending us to sleep mid-afternoon. As soon as we reach a snug temperature, our eyelids start to go. As such, you may also want to think about the temperature in your office. If things are altogether too warm, there won’t be an open eye in the place. Something as simple as turning the heating off mid-morning could do the trick here. That way, you’ll be warm enough to work without getting to that hot, sleepy stage. Those in window-fronted offices may also want to think about installing something like window tinting to their south facing windows. That’s because the sun can produce real hot spots during the afternoon. By putting window films in place, you can reflect that heat and make sure you team keep on keeping on.

Encourage lunch breaks outside

You may also find that it’s worth encouraging your team outside for at least a little of their lunch break. Something as simple as ten minutes of fresh air can motivate your employees much more than you know. It could be just the boost they need to keep giving you their best work until home time. Even during work time, it’s worth encouraging ten minutes outside if you see people flagging. By losing them for that brief period, you can bet they’ll return ready to be more productive than they ever could have been without a break.