It’s the holidays…

but you are in debt.

But…it’s the holidays…

And you are still in debt.

This is a hard time of year. Especially because if you are like me, you’ve got kids. You’ve got people who are depending on you for stuff. And not just stuff – but holiday memories. And you sure as hell don’t want to let them down.

You can’t have your kids remembering that one Christmas when we didn’t get anything because mommy makes poor money choices.

So, what to do?

Well, ideally, you would have started saving for this yearly event last year. But, I didn’t. And you probably didn’t either.

Your best bet is likely to stretch the dollars that you’ve got as far as you can – and as much as I hate to suggest it…Black Friday is probably the most expedient option to do just that.

In general, I’m anti-Black Friday. I don’t like crowds. I don’t like shopping. But, since you and I both didn’t get our monetary crap together in a timely manner this year, this is our doing.

I don’t like eating salads either, but I understand that if I want to be healthy, I need to eat them.

So, Black Friday it is.

Thank goodness I don’t even have to research this for you…my friends over at The Penny Hoarder have put together anĀ amazing guide to the best sales, best practices, and best ways to get the most bang out of your buck. Go check it out now. Get a plan in place. Make the most of your money this holiday season!