One often understated element of customer service is fantastic communication. You might be delivering superb support behind the scenes, going above and beyond to help your customers get what they need. However, if you don’t communicate this to them, they may not realize just how far you are going. 

It’s a sorry fact of business, but it’s also the truth. Customers or clients who do not know what is going on are wont to get frustrated, agitated, and they may even lose their cool with some unfortunate and unsuspecting Customer Service rep who happened to reply to their email. There are ways around this, however, and if you want to keep your customers happy, you must keep them in the loop. 


Your customers may be the best ever, but they are also only human. They are prone to forgetting things, especially with such busy lives. However, missed appointments can start a domino effect that can be hard to recover from. You may miss deadlines or shipments, and this will negatively impact your business.

Reminder services, such as, is a useful tool to have. Rather than send an email that may never be read or a phone call that may not be answered, your customers or clients will get the information directly to their phone, with the date and time included to make sure they don’t miss anything ever again. 

Social Media

Social media may seem like a fiery cesspit in some places, but it has made it easier than ever for businesses to keep their customers in the loop, even over the most mundane things. From chiming in on the latest meme trends to embracing just how weird a brand can be over social media or providing updates for services, products, and more social media gives you the potential to spread your news far and wide. 

You’ve also got plenty of platforms to choose from. There is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and much more. This range will help you reach your target market, no matter what their preferred platform is. 

GPS Tracking

Ordering packages from eCommerce sites is one of the great joys of the internet age. There’s an excitement that comes with waiting for the delivery to arrive. However, there’s also frustration when the package doesn’t get there in time. 

By using GPS tracking, your business can keep customers in the loop. You can tell them exactly where the package is at any time, and even allow them to check themselves. If you are in contact with the delivery driver, you can also get an idea of the reason behind any delays or disruptions, and you can pass this onto the customer. 

In the Loop

It doesn’t take a lot to shoot an email or send a text to keep customers in the loop. If you make this a company policy, one that always lets its customers know exactly what is going on, you’ll find that your customer service complaints will drop dramatically. You could also see praises from customers all over the place, and that’s always a good thing.