Hiring a garden for maintenance is a great choice once your garden is how you like, but if your budget doesn’t stretch to a landscape gardener in the first place, there are plenty of ways to create something spectacular without the big budget. 

You’ll need some inspiration and garden landscape equipment – that is about it. 

Let’s get started.


One thing that all landscapers will be looking to have in the garden is all-year-round colour. This will mean planting a range of different trees, shrubs and flowers to get that impact. You can consider your garden a four-season space and plant things that will flower throughout the year. 

Try to go for a mix of perennial flowers and annuals, too, so that your annuals will fill in any gaps that you have. 


Unless you want to create something that is very flat, you’ll be looking to add height, width and structure to the garden. This could be done with pathing, borders, and even collections of pots. See if you can create a structure that flows from the back door to the end of the garden. 

You can create height in your flower beds by having different-height plants or alternative buildings in some small walled structures that will be hidden when everything is in bloom. 

Water features

A water feature will add something peaceful and some movement to the garden. Not to mention that it is a big draw for local wildlife if you have any. The most beautiful gardens that have been carefully landscaped will have some water features. 

Most of the time, a pond is the best starting point. They aren’t too difficult to install, and in some cases, you can buy a whole kit. 

Once you have your pond set up, remember to add any safety nets and precautions that you need to keep any children or pets safe. And, most likely, before you know it, you will be installing waterfalls and other fun structures! 


One of the best things about plants and trees is that they have so many different textures. It’s not just about the texture in terms of how something feels. When it comes to textures in the garden, it is about the eyes. Ornamental grasses pressed against succulents and lavender tucked against pansies. 

All of these different textures add a lot of interest to your garden – making it even more of a joy to be in. 


If you have some budget, you can buy a little older and more established plants, and your landscaping efforts will pay off quickly. But if you want to stick to a tighter budget, then growing from seed or using seedlings will take time. 

Over time your garden will change and grow, and you’ll be able to see all of the spaces get filled up and see how the plants work together. 

And finally, if you like easier life, opt for drought-tolerant plants. So even if you go away for a few days or weeks, some of the gardens stand a chance of remaining green.