Every December I go through a purging process. It’s about the new year coming, and it’s also about me turning a year older. Ideally, I get it all done before the birthday, but the ultimate goal is the 31st. The entire house must be emptied of junk, clothes that don’t fit anymore (or haven’t in a long time), broken stuff that can’t be fixed and most importantly, goals and ideas that aren’t serving anymore.

Every December I also pick a word to be the goal for the coming year. This year’s word was Honesty (I talked about that more here). Not that I’m a big liar or anything, but I just wanted to be super honest with myself on what was working for me and what wasn’t.

This year, I’ve already picked the word – Details.

Seems strange, probably, but I know deep in my bones that’s the one.

Something I’ve noticed about myself in the last year in my search for honesty is that I used to be super super organized. Like Martha Stewart organized. I also used to read all the time, and when I would take those tests to tell me if I was right-brained or left-brained, I would always score right down the middle.

I paid attention to details, I organized like a boss and I had it all under control.

Then I let myself get all creative. I started doing more art projects, and obviously web design is a pretty creative venture.

And you know what happened? I lost my organizational skills and I lost my attention to details.

It’s Just. Like. This.

The problem with this is I really really liked it when I was right in the middle. Organized with a smattering of creativity. It’s time to refocus, clear out all the nonsense and get down to business.

So, my goal for this month, and the coming year is to find that balance again. I’m starting with getting rid of all the physical stuff, the dust bunnies, the general junk, and the people that aren’t serving me any longer. (That last one sounded harsh – I’m not literally getting rid of people who don’t “serve” me – but the ones that stress me out and make my life generally unenjoyable.)

I’ve never needed to find myself – I’ve always been highly confident. I’m not looking to find anything, I’m just looking to recreate a few things…

(Apparently at about this time last year I was thinking the same thoughts, and didn’t actually make any changes – it got worse! So, I really really need your help on this one)