As a freelancer, you are used to doing everything yourself. And from the outside, some companies questions capabilities based on that. Although that is changing, and more companies are choosing freelancers, it still pays to look larger. Giving the impression you have more than one person isn’t about lying to clients about it, or setting up alias email accounts – it is about how you handle things. 

Phone Calls

There are going to be times when you need to do the groceries or pick up the kids, and a client needs to call you. You can handle this two ways – one by having an ‘office number’ that puts the client directly through to your mobiles, learn more about cloud phone services. And the second is to hire a company that can take your calls when you are busy. This might sound like overkill, but when someone else is handling your calls, you can pick up messages and return them when you aren’t busy. You’ll automatically look like a larger organisation. 


If you are having a meeting, you can also be live-tweeting. But what you can do it set up your social media to be posting while you’re busy. You will be getting the job done in two places at once. Almost like you have a team that is managing your social media – almost. 

Chat Bots

When people send you messages on social media, or via your website, you could be on call and answer everything personally. Or you can set up something like Zendesk and have everything dealt with by a bot. Of course, there will be occasions that you will need to step in and take over, but for the most part, simple questions can be handled by automated chatbots. 

Virtual Assistants

Once you get the right assistant, it will be like you have cloned yourself. They have a huge range of skills, and can really give you room to do client work and have those all-important face-to-face meetings. And while you’re closing a deal, they can be handling everything from your emails to booking travel and a whole lot more. 


Find tools that you can use to give you a more professional look. This might be something like Bidsketch, which will help you create stunning client proposals in no time at all. Evernote, Trello or Asana, so you can show the client boards of progress and your planning capabilities and delegation. 


Interestingly the cleaner and slicker your website the more likely more prominent companies (and anyone really) is likely to hire you. When a website is well put together, it looks like you either have the money to have a professional company design it for you or that you have the skills in-house to do it. There is a lot of information online about how you can put a fantastic website together without any coding skills at all. 

The bottom line is always to be as professional as you can be, and ultimately you land the clients you want.