If you haven’t realized by now, I’m a huge advocate of doing what you love.

I’m doing it, and thank the good Lord, my husband is now too. It’s amazing what a difference it makes in your life.

The thing about doing what you love is that you will inevitably have to leave behind what you don’t love. And that’s the not-so-easy-part.

You may have to stay in a job you don’t love to give you the cash-flow that keeps you stress free until you can afford to follow your passion.

You may have to patiently plug away at odd hours, and you may have to grow your business the old-fashioned way, with time and word-of mouth.

I’m five years in, and I’m telling you, it’s the best way I can recommend to do it.

I’m a bootstrap kind of gal, who doesn’t like to ask for help (like at all), but there comes a time when asking for help is the only way to take it to the next level.

And since my personal field of expertise is web design, I’ll explain how getting the help of a pro designer can help you not only get your biz going faster, but can free up your time to do the stuff you should be doing.

There are tons (and I really mean tons) of programs out there that show you how to set up your very own website.

I get the need for such things, and that they can really help a cash-strapped person get their stuff moving.

At the same time, I generally don’t recommend them. In fact, I’ve been told I should put one together, but the fact is, I think they just delay the inevitable, cause a lot of stress, and can even lead to slight depression.

Here’s the issue…

You are meant to do what YOU love. Not everything that is necessary to make a business work.

A really good website takes work. It’s not as easy as just throwing something up and hoping for the best.

There are multiple facets that need to mesh together: a great, unique design + amazing copy + specifically placed marketing elements – to make an incredibly awesome website.

You can’t get that from a DIY program.

I know sooo many people who have gone through a DIY program, and have ended up getting in touch with me, or another web design person, depressed and about to give up on their business because they just can’t get this part right.

DIY web design just leads to heartache, derailment and frustration.

Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t give up your business. Just invest in a really good designer whose work speaks to you on a gut level.

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