Under normal circumstances, I am the last person to advocate following rules or a certain step-by-step process. And, really, that isn’t what I want to say here today – because there is no step-by-step process that will guarantee you anything in this life. This is about doing things not in a formulaic way, but in a smart way.

Internet Marketing – that’s the big “thing” now. Everyone wants to take these big fancy expensive “school” programs to learn how to be super successful and rich like the “gurus” they adore.

I am not saying the schools are not filled with valuable information – because most of them are. That’s not the point.

I am not here to name names or call anybody out, because I’m not trying to disparage anyone. They all have gotten where they have gotten by good old fashioned hard work, and they deserve their success. Kudos to them.

I’m writing this for you people who are not where they are. You want to be. You want to have a business or a lifestyle that lets you work from wherever you want, frees up your schedule, and allows you to do whatever you want.

Let me tell you, that is a pipe dream. Those gurus are out there busting their asses all the time. They do not slow down and they do not procrastinate. They may structure their lives now so that they have a lot of down time, but that is because they earned it. They put in the time and hard work that allowed them to structure their lives as they like.

But before any of that…they had an idea. They made something. They had a killer service that they offered. They had something that they needed to market and they choose to do it via the internet.

If you don’t already have the idea, or don’t already have the product, or aren’t already offering the killer service, you have zero business taking an internet marketing course.

You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, and this is not that.

Internet Marketing is not and should never be the goal of your business. It may be an afterthought, once you have successfully marketed whatever it is that you are delivering. When you are successful, you can go on and teach other people how to be successful. You cannot and should not be getting into an online business to be an internet marketer. Entrepreneurial Internet Marketing is not a viable business goal. It’s a skill that you need to learn to help you mass deliver your goods to the general population.

Put your time in. Make something that the world needs. Sell it to a crap-ton of people via the internet, and then…maybe then, you can be an internet marketer. But for goodness sake, don’t start out trying to be one just to get rich.