In an increasingly connected world, our customers are more able to interact with our businesses no matter the time of day or where they are in the world. While there are some limits (no-one can expect a business to be awake at 5am), a closed office door is no longer good enough. Tech enables us to keep the door open for customers, so why shouldn’t we do it?

Give your site a warm welcome

Amongst the current most popular website design trends is the implementation of the chat bot. Live chat apps for the site enable your team to immediately start answering questions and offering support to help customers complete their journey (and their purchase). Chat bots can automate that process even further, using AI to recognize key phrases and words to help redirect them where they want to go even when your team isn’t immediately available.

Get social

Social media is becoming an increasingly important arm of not just the marketing step of your sales funnel, but support and service, too. With social media management tools, it also becomes a lot easier to track separate channels, such as your main and support channel, and those who are messaging directly, so that your team can get back to them all the faster. Chat bots can also be integrated into social media, such as on Facebook chat, so you can still get the benefits of them.

Be a phone call away

You no longer need to have a phone for a client to be able to reach you by phone. If you want to ensure that a human voice is always there to help, then it may be worth looking at business phone systems that unify your communications across devices. As such, your team can be responsive whether they’re next to the office phone, on their mobiles, or even using a headset on the laptop.

Outsource what you can’t handle

One of the biggest barriers to providing always open customer service, especially for small or medium sized businesses, is availability. Chat bots help with this to some degree, but they can’t do everything. Virtual receptionists, however, might be able to help pick up the slack, ensuring that there’s a human voice on the end of the line when no-one else is available, providing answers to simple questions and taking notes to pass onto your team when it’s something more involved.

Keep the conversation going

For longer lead conversion or customer support situations, one phone call or message might not be enough. You might need to support them through multiple steps and ensure that you’re providing a consistent, thorough level of service throughout each step. Customer relationship management tools make it much easier to manage through every step, and to show actionable ways to act on relationships that are more active at the moment so that an opportunity to win a new customer or ensure loyalty is never left hanging.

By automating more of your communication, by making it easier to be reached and to reach outside of regular office hours, and by sharing the load with outsourced providers, you can keep your doors open for much longer. As a result, you’re not going to miss on as many opportunities to convert, to support, and to foster real loyalty from customers.