When you are considering the design of your office, have you considered safety? It’s not often at the forefront of most business leaders’ minds, because they ensure that the building owner that they are working with has done everything possible to make a building safe. However, when you are the one running the office, you need to ensure that your employees are as safe as possible.

Office safety should be taken seriously, but there are plenty of things that you could be doing on a personal level to make your business a safer place. If you want people to come to work, feel inspired, and feel safe enough to work with you, then you need these tips. Let’s take a look at how you can make your office safer below.

  • Get the fire alarms checked. There is no point in asking 30 plus people to work for you in an office if your office isn’t safe from fires. You can’t always prevent a fire in your office, but if nobody is trained on how to deal with it that could be a problem. You should not only have fire extinguishers, but the fire suppression inspection should be done annually so that you can ensure that your fire systems are working. There should be fire blankets and there should also be a fire marshall in your office you can help to run things when or if a disaster close.
  • Make sure that your business is insured. Every single business owner has to ensure that there is proper insurance in their business. Both buildings and contents insurance are a must, as is public liability and protection for your employees. Workers’ compensation and disaster coverage are also options that you should consider, because you never know when disaster could strike.
  • Light up your parking lot. If you do happen to have a portion of the parking lot for your business, ensure that it is well lit. Employees who may be working early in the morning when it’s dark or late into the evening when it’s dark need to feel safe when they go from the building to their car. A well let’s parking lot is a deterrent for thieves, murderers and any kind of criminal, really.
  • Get rid of office clutter. Officers can easily become cluttered with piles of paperwork and boxes that happen to be stacked haphazardly around. This can create some danger and it can actually be a fire risk. We’ve already covered what to do in the event of a fire, so you need to ensure that you are not literally putting kindling around the office.
  • Instal CCTV. If you want your employees to feel safe, then the stairwells of your building need to have CCTV cameras installed as do the main lobbies and corridors. When people are working after hours they deserve to come to the office and feel like they are safe. Knowing that there are recordings happening 24/7 means that they will feel happier and safer in their roles, and this is something you should be trying to achieve.