Are you deep in talks with your B2B client hoping they will buy your products or services? Maybe you’re in negotiations with an investor that is almost at tipping point in favor of a big sale. Or, perhaps you’re striking a meaningful relationship with an official authority. Whatever kind of situation you’re in, a sale is not final until they’ve made the transaction. Anything other than that, you must keep your guard up and be ready to answer any questions. But the whole point of a sales meeting for you is to make your client feel welcome and comfortable. Bear in mind, you’re asking them to trust you and part with their money. A number of factors play into this proposition, but you can always rely on certain rules to make your clients feel they are making the right choice in you.

Over at your place

If you’re going to finalize a sale, make sure you’re inviting your client over to your place. The contract should be signed in your offices, with a few hours dedicated to making your client feel welcome. Fly or transport your client in if they wish. If they’re an international client, put them up in a great hotel close to your business. In the morning have a car pick them up and drive them to your offices. Make sure there’s a welcoming party at the reception and that they don’t have to be told to be let in by security or your front desk. They should already be known and welcomed with open arms. Once they’ve arrived, offer them refreshments and escort the client to the signing room. You should personally be waiting outside the room for them and show them in with a smile and light conversation.

The final details

The client will be doing exactly what you would be doing if you were in their position. They’ll be running every single detail through their mind over and over just to make sure they’re making the right decision. You should be doing this for them. Go over some of the details they initially had issues with and read through the lines of the contract that have been amended or perhaps offered more clarity from a re-write. Finally, offer your clients an opportunity to read through the contract one more time if they wish and then get down to settling the bill.

Immediate initial order

You never know the situation of the client, despite what they might have told you up until this point. They may, in fact, need your products and or services right now and payment cannot wait for the sale. Tell them that you can accept payments via a VPOS and offer to fulfill any immediate initial orders right then and there. With this kind of virtual point-of-sale terminal, you can make card transactions, authorizations, voids, and even adjustments. Many clients will want a small batch of products or access to your services as soon as possible, so accommodate them if you can by making a quick but small sale.

Putting your client at ease just before a sale is finalized truly is an art form. Take your time, make the whole experience memorable and even give them an immediate sale if you can.