It is, for many budding entrepreneurs, the overriding goal. Learning how to run a number of businesses concurrently doesn’t just mean you have learned how to make a great success of your endeavors, but it’s one of those challenges that can keep the thrill of running a business alive. But of course, running a business means having to piece an interminable number of parts together. So what does it really take to ensure that this jigsaw can be pieced together effectively? 

Look at What Has Come Before

There have been many people who have been able to run businesses successfully, such as Jonathan Sears, who has detailed a lot of information in his blogs, but there are also plenty of people who have not been able to make a success of it. In order to run businesses successfully, you’ve got to take an analytical eye to proceedings. You need to look at what has gone well for these people, but also what hasn’t. If you are trying to chase the thrill of running multiple businesses at the same time, you could start doing this right now, but the fact is that they aren’t going to be successful! Always look at the mistakes that have come before you. 

Be a Notorious List Maker

This sounds incredibly simple, but in order to keep track of so many different spinning plates means you’ve got to identify all the pressing matters and have a sense of organization in place. To-do lists are part and parcel of any great entrepreneur, and the fact is that you’ve got to ensure that a solid approach to organizing is part of your Modus Operandi. With so much going on across two or more businesses, you’ve got to have a system, for example, color coding by business, or different aspects of each business that you can instantly identify what needs your attention at any moment. 

Do Not Panic About the Little Things

This is something that comes with years of running a business, but small things don’t necessarily mean big problems. People can come to you saying that X, Y, and Z needs dealing with instantly, but you need to have the ability to take a step back and address if this is the case. You could find yourself in a firefighting frame of mind constantly if you think every problem is urgent, but you should be taking care of the bigger things and all the problems that you can solve. If an issue crops up in one company, it’s very likely will come up in another, and you know how to address it, so, therefore, worry shouldn’t be a part of your frame of mind. 

Prioritize What Needs Your Attention

People will tell you that if you are struggling to find time for one business, having the time for two is impossible. The reality is that you’ve got to be good at prioritizing and delegating. There is no point in having a meeting to attract investors when you are not actually achieving anything. You could have meetings about meetings until the cows come home. Get organized and know exactly what your priorities are, and this will guarantee a lot more success, now and in the future.