Running a business is by no means an easy feat. You have to focus on all sorts of areas just to keep things ticking over. Product development, product testing, manufacturing, order fulfilment, marketing… the list goes on. But one area that people tend to neglect is the maintenance and management of their commercial premises. Now, many of us haven’t spent time in our commercial spaces throughout the course of the pandemic. But now that vaccines are being rolled out around the world, many of us are considering spending more time back at work. Here are just a few areas that you should take into consideration to make sure that your commercial space is suitable for you, staff, clients and anyone else who may enter the premises!


Every business should have building and contents insurance. If you rent, your landlord should have buildings insurance. If you own the property, you will need to take out both policies. Good insurance policies will ensure that you can undertake any actions necessary to get your commercial premises back up and running should you experience any sort of incident. You will be able to carry out water damage restoration if you experience flooding, wall restoration if a tree falls on the property, repair work if there is a fire and resolutions for any other issue you’re covered for.


No matter what type of commercial property you run, it’s inevitably going to get dirty if it’s left uncleaned. Of course, your staff aren’t hired to clean the space and, chances are, you’re not going to want to undertake this task at the end of each working day either. The good news is that there are professional cleaning services out there with plenty of experience in commercial cleaning who can take this work off your hands. They will be able to complete all tasks required to make your workplace hygienic and comfortable to spend time in. Whether that’s wiping down desk spaces, sweeping and mopping hard floors, vacuuming or anything else, each task will make for a more productive working environment. This is also particularly important to focus on throughout the pandemic, where people may be more conscious of dirt and more reluctant to spend time in-office if the space isn’t up to scratch.

Grounds Maintenance

If your commercial property is connected with others and grounds maintenance is taken care of by the landlord, you needn’t worry about this. But if you are responsible for your commercial property’s grounds, you’re going to need to get involved with a professional grounds maintenance team. They’ll be able to complete tasks ranging from mowing lawns to trimming hedges, managing trees and more. This is about so much more than making your commercial premises look nice. It’s about safety too. Maintaining your grounds well cna prevent accidents, injuries and claims.

These are just three areas of focus, but they’re important ones. Hopefully, some of the information will come in really useful for you!

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